The beginner’s guide to Don’t Starve

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I get the feeling we’re going to start hearing more and more about Don’t Starve. It’s still a pretty niche game at the moment, but that could all change once it hits Steam. Should it appear the main page, it will get all kinds of attention. That’s why we decided to put together a mini survival guide that will help you get through those first few uncertain days in Don’t Starve.

Find Your Sweet Spots

Don’t Starve will drop you into a completely random location when you start a new game. No matter where you end up, it’s essential that you find the best places to set up base camps. The most resource heavy areas are usually indicated by an abundance of green grass. You’ll can find most, if not all the materials you’ll need for daily survival in these spots. Look for a spot containing lots of rabbits, dry grass, twigs, boulders berry bushes, flints and carrots. These items will help you create some bare necessities such as campfires, traps, and tools.

You’ll likely survive the first night or two by building a basic campfire, but you should gather enough rocks from boulders to build a fire pit as soon as possible. A fire pit lets you start a more efficient fire that can burn throughout the night on only two logs. Fire pits can also be used over and over again. Simply put, if you plan on frequently returning to a specific area, build a fire pit.

Never Stop Collecting

Having 25 units of dry grass may seem like a lot, but it will dwindle to almost nothing once you make a handful of animal traps. That’s why you should never pass up an opportunity to gather resources. You can hold 32 units of almost any item in a single inventory slot. Take advantage of all of that space. You may find yourself exploring far away from your base camp where there are very little useful resources. Being able to craft a simple torch may save your life.

Harness the Power of Science

Wilson is a scientist. Therefore, he needs to conduct research to learn new things. That’s where the science machine comes in. The science machine requires a lot of refined resources that you can’t find in the wild such as rope, cut stones and wooden planks, but it pays off in the end. By feeding items such as gold nuggets and other trinkets into the science machine, you gain research points that can be used to craft new items. If you want an item that will boost Wilson’s defense, shave his growing beard or build a farm that grows meat, you’ll need the science machine.

Pick Your Battles

There aren’t many baddies in Don’t Starve, but you can get beaten to death by some creatures. The Beefalo is a peaceful animal that won’t attack you if you don’t attack it, but spiders are another story. Spiders come out of their nest at night, and they usually just ignore you. However, they’ve been known to attack unprovoked. They also drop items such as silk that you can’t get anywhere else. Spider harvesting is something you’ll end up doing, but you have to be smart about it. Do not attack a spider nest armed with an ax. There are simply too many of them to take on at once. If you are going to go about it alone, single them out. Find a spider roaming without any of its buddies close buy, and whack it. Repeat as necessary. Oh, and don’t just set the spiders on fire. If they run into the forest, they’ll end up burning everything in sight.

I think that should be enough information to help you survive for many days. There’s still a lot more content in Don’t Starve that isn’t covered here, but we’re sure you’ll have fun discovering them.

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