Archos enters the mobile gaming space with the GamePad

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Archos is most recently known as the company that produces some of the most affordable Android tablets. Archos is now stepping outside the tablet space with a new Android-powered mobile game console called the GamePad.As you can tell by the photo, the GamePad somewhat resembles the Vita. It has two analog nubs, four face buttons, a d-pad and what appears to be shoulder buttons. The GamePad also has a 7-inch capacitive touch display. Powering the GamePad is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a dual-core processor and quad-core GPU.

Archos says the GamePad has an “automatic game recognition and mapping” feature that immediately acquire physical controls for Android games that have virtual controls. It also has full access to Google Play.

The GamePad will be released on October 2012 for around $188.

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