Steam Greenlight gets its first cases of abuse

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Steam Greenlight went live yesterday as a way for indie developers to get their games on Steam with help from the community. However, such an open system is a grand opportunity for spam and people who want to abuse the system. We’ve already come across a couple examples of games being improperly submitted to Steam Greenlight.

It appears that some people are using Steam Greenlight as a wishlist. We’ve come across listings for Condemned: Criminal Origins, Battlefield 3, Red Dead Redemption and Need for Speed: Carbon on Steam Greenlight. The people who created these listings don’t own the rights to either game, but that didn’t stop them from posting full descriptions, screenshots and other details.

Submitting a game to Steam Greenlight is very easy. It’s a three-step process that involves entering a title, art, videos and genres.

Since the community plays a major role in Steam Greenlight, it’ll be up to them to report any offenders they find. Permanent bans is the likely punishment for violating copyrights.

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