Help Bad Piggies get eggs on September 27

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I know we all hoped that Angry Birds was a fad. I mean, good for Rovio for doing so well with the game, but we’re tired of seeing the birds and pigs everywhere. It’s enough and we’re ready for the next thing. Unfortunately for those tired of flying birds and squealing pigs, the next thing might be a revival. Rovio has just officially announced Bad Piggies, the pig-based spin-off of the original game, and it will invade our lives on September 27, 2012.

Of course, one could argue that the green pigs aren’t actually “bad” in Bad Piggies.
The lot of them have somehow gotten trapped on a desert island. (Perhaps when the birds assaulted them, they were knocked there?) Now the poor pigs are trapped and hungry. Conveniently, there are enough materials around to build various machines to allow the pigs access to delicious eggs. That’s where the player comes in, as they have to build the different egg-acquisition-devices so the pigs don’t starve.

And that’s all we know for now. Various media outlets, like Fast Company, are getting their first looks at Bad Piggies at Rovio’s offices today, so I’m sure more details and information will leak out as time passes.

As for price, Rovio is keeping it at $0.99. That’s exactly what you’d pay for any Angry Birds game. Of course, I’m sure we’ll also see a free, ad-supported version of Bad Piggies once it appears on Android and iOS devices, not to mention PCs and the Windows Phone.

Read [Fast Company] Site [Bad Piggies]

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