Team Solo Mid wins North American League of Legends Championship

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Seattle’s PAX Prime played host to the League of Legends North American Championship August 31 through September 2, 2012. After all the carnage ensued, Team Solo Mid had emerged with a 2-0 victory over Dignitas. Eight teams brought their best effort in the single elimination tournament. The top three teams earned a place in the Season 2 World Championship and are automatically qualified for Season 3. Team Solo Mid picked up $40,000 for their first place finish, their sixth major LAN win in 2012.

Nine teams are qualified for the Season 2 Championship, which will take place in October 13, 2012, in Los Angeles, CA (USA). It boasts a $3,000,000 prize pool. Riot Games will give away $5,000,000 total this prize season.

In Season 3, it will offer salaries to its top players. Three more teams will qualify from tournaments in Korea and Southeast Asia.

PAX Prime visitors also were among the first get a look at Syndra, the Dark Sovereign. The brand new League of Legends champion is a gravity-force mage. She’s able to move minions and dark spheres around to deal with foes. According to Riot Games, a Syndra played to perfection can win without ever taking damage. Her abilities center around the dark spheres she casts. Syndra’s ultimate, Unleashed Power, uses all dark spheres onscreen to damage the enemy champion.

Syndra’s backstory tells of her constant search for power. She frightened people in her village, so they left her at a  temple. There she learned more control over her power. After she hit a wall in her training, the old mage tutoring her revealed he was dampening her power until she learned restraint. As you might imagine, she went Anakin Skywalker on him and unleashed her full fury. Her credo is, “Power belongs to those who can wield it.”

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