Steam Greenlight now requires a $100 entry fee

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Steam Greenlight was recently pushed live to all Steam members. Steam Greenlight is an easy way for indie developers to get their games on Steam through appealing directly to potential fans. The problem with such an open system is the abuse some people will subject it to. Because of the numerous fake and spam entries into Steam Greenlight, Valve has decided to charge a fee to put games on Steam Greenlight.Effective immediately, any developer that wants to post an entry onto Steam Greenlight must pay a $100 fee. Steam donates all of that money to Child’s Play. Valve decided to do this to weed out any future illegitimate entries. Anyone who wishes to use Steam Greenlight for any way other than intended will certainly not pay $100 for the privilege.

It should now be easier to find games we want to support on Steam Greenlight.

Via [Valve]

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