Tired of endless runners? Try this endless racer

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There are so many endless runners on mobile platforms now. Why, Ubisoft just announced one its own using Rayman as the attraction. A unique endless runner can still have appeal, but I still like when a company tries to switch things up a bit. That’s why I wanted to check out Beach Buggy Blitz from Vector Unit on Android.Beach Buggy Blitz may look like a competitive racing game, but it isn’t. Even though there are some other racers on the track, your goal is to keep driving for as long as time will allow. You can extend your time by running through checkpoints, but the ride will eventually come to an end.

To extend each run, you have to steadily collect coins that you can use for buggy upgrades, power-ups and new racers. Beach Buggy Blitz naturally has in-app purchases to supplement its free price, but I didn’t find acquiring coins any more prohibitive than Temple Run.

If you have a Tegra-powered Android device, you can give Beach Buggy Blitz a try right now. You can even plug in a controller if you don’t want to deal with touchscreens and tilt controls.

Download Link [Google Play]

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