Kairosoft wants us to build a utopia in Venture Towns

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Kairosoft has hit us with another Android game today called Venture Towns. Venture Towns sells for $4.99, and doesn’t appear to stray too far from Kairosoft’s other city-building games. One different that I’m seeing is the ability to create a greater range of structures.

Venture Towns is all about building the greatest city you can imagine. The size of a fully grown city looks to be larger than what we’re used to seeing in Kairosoft’s other games. Based on the screenshots, I’m seeing airports, factories, retail stores, office buildings and restaurants surrounded by citizens that drive around the city streets.

It’s not the most original premise for a Kairosoft game, but if a city-building simulation with a retro style is what you’re looking for, Venture Towns is what you want.

Download Link [Google Play]

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