La Pucelle: Tactics is a PS2 Classic

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Let me tell you how I came to love Nippon Ichi’s strategic RPGs. It wasn’t because of Disgaea, even though that is a fantastic game. No, it was because of two other games. One was Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for the PS1 and the other was La Pucelle: Tactics. Both were strategic RPGs, but were slightly different from what you expected, were part of the Marl Kingdom series and were just fantastic games. I thought they were special and fun. You don’t have to take my word for it though, as you’ll be able to see for yourself how good one is again next week. On September 11, 2012, La Pucelle: Tactics comes to the PlayStation Store as a PS2 Classic.

The La Pucelle: Tactics announcement came yesterday during the September 6 PlayStation Blogcast. Basically, it said La Pucelle: Tactics is making a comeback next week. People without backwards compatibility can download this rare game and enjoy some classic NIS.

In case you missed it, here’s what happens in La Pucelle: Tactics. The Church of the Holy Maiden is not only a religious organization, but also hosts the La Pucelle demon hunters. Prier, her brother Culotte and her friends Alouette, Croix, Eclair and Homard. The time is drawing near when the Maiden of Light will have to come to defeat the Dark Prince of Calamity and keep him from destroying the land. Prier wants to be the Maiden of Light. Depending on what you do and see, the ending will change.

La Pucelle: Tactics is also famous for Mastiff’s censorship of the game. As you can see, it’s got some religious themes and Mastiff took all of them out. Everything shaped like a cross – like Croix’s gun and decorations on Prier and Alouette’s costumes, were altered. Hell also became the “Dark World.” Also, Croix went from being a smoker to just standing in really weird positions. If I remember right, in one scene there was even smoke coming from his sprite, though he had no cigarette. None of it changed the story, but it was just silly.

A price isn’t available for La Pucelle: Tactics yet. Most PS2 Classics tend to cost $9.99, so I’d expect it to be around $10. Now, excuse me while I go hope and pray Sony adds PS2 Classic support to the Vita so I can play this on the go. Or, at the very least, that NIS America somehow pulls a magic trick and brings the updated PSP version, La Pucelle Ragnarok. Alas, there was trouble since Mastiff brought the original La Pucelle: Tactics to North America so we never got the port.

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