The Binding of Issac was almost sold to Adult Swim

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I really enjoy watching live streams of people playing games on Twitch.TV. Truth be told, I usually leave steams on during the night in an attempt to recreate the company of television background noise. Early this morning, Edmund McMillen, the creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Issac, randomly dropped into the daily live steam conducted by LethalFrag (who’s extremely dapper by the way) just to chat. While there, he mentioned how he nearly sold The Binding of Issac to Adult Swim for $40,000.

Apparently, McMillen didn’t think The Binding of Issac would be successful. He felt the game may have been too offensive and difficult to really catch on with the masses. During his time of uncertainty, Adult Swim offered to buy the game for $40,000 which was going to be split between McMillen, Danny Baranowsky, and Florian Himsl. Canabalt creator Adam Atomic eventually convinced McMillen to keep the game and sell it on Steam.

The Binding of Issac went on to sale over 700,000 copies as of June 2012, and a remake of the game is planned for 2013.

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