Steam shows you the Big Picture Mode today

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Steam is taking a very big leap today. By the time you get home from work/school/whatever you do during the daylight hours, Big Picture Mode should be enabled. The beta is coming and it is designed to move Steam off of your computer screen and keyboard and to your HDTV and controller.

Basically, Big Picture Mode offers a new, additional interface and controls that allow people to easily stream the Steam client and its games to a TV so it can mimick the console experience. Actually, Valve suggests it will improve upon the console experience, since it will give people their entire Steam library in their living room, with practically everything controlled by a standard controller. It will also allow people to use a web browser on their computer screen with a virtual keyboard that works with your controller. It will also allow multitasking.

Valve hasn’t offered instructions on how to get Steam’s Big Picture Mode working with your TVs yet. I’m sure that will come later in the day once the beta actually goes live. There should be some kind of instructions available before the day ends so you can get yourself started.

This is exciting time for Valve. We have both Greenlight and Big Picture Mode now. Who knows what will come next!

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