Zero Dark Thirty DLC planned for Medal of Honor Warfighter

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Now here’s an interesting way to promote an upcoming box office arrival. Sony is partnering with Electronic Arts to offer up a bit of, shall we say, interactive publicity for its upcoming Hollywood take on the hunt for (and subsequent assassination of) Osama bin Laden.

Now before you ask, I can honestly say that no connection is in place that I know of between the film and the controversial print documentary that is being contested by the Pentagon for lack of government review. What is interesting is that Sony is promoting the film via official video game DLC in the upcoming release of Medal of Honor Warfighter. No, seriously. We’re talking about two multiplayer maps based on previously-considered locations that were once thought to be hideouts for the notorious al Qaida ringleader.

Of course, with this one having a Sony connection it’s very likely for the DLC to be unique to the PlayStation 3 version of the game (sorry Xbox fanboys).

As for the cost and timing, expect this to drop for $9.99 around the December 13, 2012, theatrical release.

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