Ecolibrium is not only free, it sounds kinda awesome

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You may not know this, but Sony releases free Vita apps every once in a while. There’s Paint Park, a few AR mini-games and most recently the Minesweeper-esque Treasure Park. It’s a nice little bonus for people who are looking for something extra to kill time for 5, maybe 10 minutes. It seems we have more in store as the European PlayStation Blog says Ecolibrium is on the way.

Ecolibrium is a neat simulation game. You get a little world and can populate it with whatever animals, plants and items you want. The trick is, you also have to find some kind of balance to keep everything alive and thriving. If you don’t, critters and plants will start dying off. Of course, there will be a “cheat” option that will let you feed the animals or send them off to friends with Near, but I doubt you’ll earn trophies if you’re not trying to build a working ecosystem.

Near isn’t the only social aspect that will come into play with Ecolibrium. People will also be able to find new items by going places with the Vita. There will also be auctions where you can buy new wildlife with in-game cash. There are also two other ways to interact with people while not actually communicating and playing with them. Sony will offer challenges, where you try to get your ecosystem to run a certain way. Apparently, leaderboards will be involved as well. I’m guessing those will pertain to the challenges, because I can’t really see how you could have one for the general simulation aspect.

Here’s an Ecolibirum trailer that gives a brief idea of how the game will work.

It looks really awesome for something people won’t have to pay to play.

Only the European PlayStation Blog has the Ecolibrium announcement up at the moment and Ecolibrium is a SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) app, so we’ll have to wait and see if it appears in other regions as well. People who are in Europe can grab it from the PlayStation Store on September 12, 2012 for the low price of free. Let’s hope we also see it on the North American PlayStation Store when it updates later today!

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