10 Steam Greenlight games get approved

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Well, that was fast! The first round of Steam Greenlight games have been weighed, measured and found satisfactory. Which means that that 10 new games are now on Steam thanks to the support of the community. Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back. It’s quite a feat, considering the Steam Greenlight program has only been around since the last few days of August 2012.

Now, this doesn’t mean these 10 games are immediately available. It just means that enough people showed interest in them over the last 2 weeks to make Valve take notice and think, “This should be in our store.” They’ll just take up residence in a special section of the Greenlight section called Greenlit for a while until they’re ready to make their official Steam debut.

Here’s the list of what made the cut!

  • Black Mesa (Windows)
  • Cry of Fear (Windows)
  • Dream (Windows, Mac)
  • Heroes & Generals (Windows)
  • Kenshi (Windows)
  • McPixel (Windows, Mac)
  • No More Room in Hell (Windows)
  • Project Zomboid (Windows, Mac)
  • Routine (Windows, Mac)
  • Towns (Windows, Mac)

Good job everyone, in getting the first round of games approved. There are still plenty that need your votes, however. If you need suggestions as to what to check out, we have a few suggestions.

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