Europe gets a ZombiU Premium Wii U bundle

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The North American “premium” Wii U launch bundle is nice, but it’s lacking something. Do you know what it’s missing? I do. It’s zombies. Fortunately, people in Europe won’t have that problem. When the Wii U launches there on November 30, 2012, there will be basic, premium and ZombiU premium bundle available. I guess Nintendo’s European branch thinks of everything.

The Wii U ZombiU Premium bundle is a lot bigger and better than the standard Wii U bundle. It contains almost everything you get in a regular premium bundle, which means it has a black 32GB Wii U, gamepad, an HDMI cable, a charging stand, a sensor bar and Nintendo Network Premium subscription. However, the ZombiU bundle ditches the Nintendo Land pack-in and instead gives players ZombiU. It also tosses in a black Wii U Pro Controller, in case someone doesn’t want to use a gamepad to play the game.

Like all other European Wii U bundles, the ZombiU Premium bundle has no price at the moment. I’ll let you know once Nintendo tells us how much it costs. It will definitely be more expensive than the standard Wii U premium bundle though, as it is going to include an extra controller and what I’d consider a “premium” game.

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