Review: Eryi’s Action for Windows

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Title: Eryi’s Action
Price: $4.99
System(s): Windows
Release Date: September 14, 2012
Publisher (Developer): Nyu Media (Xtal Sword)
ESRB Rating: N/A. I’d say Everyone 10+ since while Eryi does “die” a lot, it’s never graphic and is more Looney Tunes violent than really violent.
Pros: It is very challenging. The graphics are bright and colorful. You really have to think and learn if you want to survive each level. Even the silliest and most hilarious things will kill you. Each boss battle borrows from a different game genre. You have infinite lives. Each level tends to have two or three “save” flags so you don’t have to do everything over. The game also automatically saves after you beat a level. Can unlock a hardcore mode by collecting diamonds.
Cons: This is a total troll game and things you don’t expect will kill you will, making some levels more unfair and nearly impossible than others. For example, level 4 is far more difficult than level 1 and 2 combined. The controls are a bit wonky if you try to use a controller even though you can adjust them, so I recommend sticking with a keyboard.
Overall Score: Two thumbs up, 90/100, A-, * * * * out of 5

It’s Confession time. It took me 31 lives to figure out how to beat the first stage of Eryi’s Action. About 10 of those were used after the last save point trying to just complete the stage. I also haven’t actually beaten the game yet. I’m stumped, facing off against the second boss. However, after spending 8 hours with it and working my way down to -201 lives, I think I’m at a point where I can say I know practically everything there is to know about Eryi’s Action and highly recommend Nyu Media and Xtral Sword’s game.

That’s my melon!

Eryi found the perfect melon. It was just the best piece of fruit ever. So she took it home, where it should have been safe, and went out to do something secure in the knowledge that when she returned, she’d have the best snack ever.

Then Eryi got home and discovered a troll named Farta, who looks like a fairy but is absolutely 100% evil, broke into her home. Farta stole the melon, left a note saying she took it and then put hundreds of cheap traps and a handful of boss fights in Eryi’s way so she couldn’t reclaim the melon.

Well, Eryi wasn’t going to take that and neither are you. She decided to head right out to face Farta and retrieve her meal. This means going through an assortment of levels in all kinds of areas. Sometimes Eryi will be wandering around an area, swimming underwater or even flying through the air in a bullet-hell kind of adventure. It’s all up to your platforming and thinking skills to get her to Farta while also avoiding all kinds of fiendish traps.

You will die, repeatedly, until you get so frustrated you decide you won’t stop playing (or sleep) until you beat that level that torments you.

Eryi’s Action will remind a lot of people of I Wanna Be The Guy and for good reason. They’re both masochore games, which means they’re for masochistic gamers who love a ridiculously hard challenge. The difference is, I think Eryi’s Action actually gives gamers who are willing to think about what they’re doing an advantage. Yes, it can be difficult because of the traps littered throughout the level, but people who pay attention and move carefully can best practically every obstacle. It’s only in the case of certain areas that things get nail-biting difficult, and even then these troubles can be overcome after a few attempts by either memorizing a pattern or paying close attention to see the “trick” that will let you overcome a challenge a little more easily.

A good example of this is the first boss, a purple crocodile named Croco with a fondness for tossing spike balls and throwing fire. The first two attack patterns must be memorized, as players have to make Eryi duck under bouncing balls and jump over ones sliding along the ground until a steel ball/egg drops from the sky that can be tossed onto Croco’s head. The third attack pattern can not be dodged as he is sending out spiked balls high, low and bouncing all at once. You have to pay attention to where he is and where Eryi could be to best him.

As challenging as Eryi’s Action is with all the traps, I’d even go so far to say as the game is fun because of those traps. You never know what’s going to get Eryi. Something that looks like background scenery could actually be a very lethal item that’s right in her path. An object, like a platform, could suddenly behave in a different manner and obtain surprise properties when she lands on it. Even enemies can go against their typical patterns and behave differently when she approaches. The surprise is what makes Eryi’s Action both special and challenging.

Oh, but the tin pan gimmick in Eryi’s home in the beginning is absolutely, 100% cheap. I mean seriously, what the hell? Each time you pick up Eryi’s Action after taking a break, you start in her home before hitting the world map. Every time, the tin pan trap is set up differently so you’re automatically guaranteed to lose at least one life just trying to get to the world map again. Cheap.

Eryi’s Action will trap you and make you never want to give up.

With 12 stages and 4 bosses, I wouldn’t be surprised if some casual observer would think Eryi’s Action isn’t the most robust game. Trust me when I say this is a game you will not only play once, but will probably go through it repeatedly in an attempt to collect gems to unlock the hardcore mode or even see how far you can go on one life. Not to mention 12 stages can last a pretty long time when you’re spending 20-30 lives and 15-20 minutes on each one. It’s a refreshing reminder that the quickest way isn’t always the easiest and best and people need to always think before they act, even if the way looks clear. Eryi’s Action will absolutely hook you in and I can’t think of a better way to spend $5.

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