GameStop will give you $50 for your Wii when you pre-order Wii U

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Say what you will about GameStop, but the company sure doesn’t waste any time. The Wii U launch is a perfect example. We have known about the North American November 18, 2012 release date and $300 and $350 price tags for about an hour and a half now. That sounds about right, since the press conference was held at 9am CST on September 13, 2012. It’s now 11:20am CST and GameStop already has its Wii U product listings and trade-in promotions online. Now that’s a store that’s eager to cash in on your impulse buy!

The trade in promotions were just announced like, now and are only valid for just over a week. If you hesitate and don’t trade in one of your old systems before September 23, 2012, you’ll get a lot less in-store credit towards your Wii U pre-order. Here’s the list of what GameStop will give you for your various consoles and handhelds if you take them in right now and trade them in towards a Wii U pre-order.

  • 3DS – $90
  • PS3 – $115
  • PS3 Slim – $140
  • Vita – $90
  • Wii – $50
  • Xbox 360 – $90
  • Xbox 360 Slim – $115

If you’re a PowerUp Rewards member, you will get $10 extra credit for each system. Yeah, that’ll really make a difference when a basic unit is $299.99 and a deluxe unit is $349.99. Honestly, I’d recommend selling your old systems on Amazon, Craigslist or eBay instead. You’ll probably get more money for them.

The GameStop Wii U also gives us an idea of what we can expect to pay for Wii U games. The lowest price at the moment seems to be $39.99. Ben 10 Omniverse and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed both carry this price tag. Meanwhile, games like Batman: Arkham City, Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land and ZombiU set the premium price bar at $59.99.

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