iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for September 17, 2012

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The iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update is GamerTell’s weekly look at the previous week’s iPhone and iPod Touch games released in the Apple App Store. We cover them all – good and not so good. The list is available every Monday, right as you are about to start that long work week.

The iPhone 5 has been unveiled and, unless you are a hardware geek, it’s sort of an underwhelming device. Standing four inches tall, it does lend a slight bit more screen real estate for games, especially those dual virtual control ones.

A new processor promises to render more awesome graphics but for the most part it’s nothing special. Even the newly updated iPod Touch is sort of underwhelming with only a slight bump in processor to last gen’s A5 chip. I suppose the color options can make up for the lack of wow factors here. All in all, from a gaming perspective, it seems like Apple has stalled this year.

We haven’t stalled however and neither has the App Store. Here’s this week’s game selections:

Mole Kart 2 Evolution brings a little more than a face lift over it’s predecessor. For $0.99 you get more beautiful anime-style racing action, improved controls, and a story mode to unlock more racers, karts and tracks. An update already has been promised to bring multiplayer and more tracks in the near future.

Lad is yet another game that borrows the shadowy black and white styling of Limbo. This $1.99 experience promises a creepy story and plenty of mystery to uncover in this platforming/puzzle game.

Ninja Box is a $0.99 game which has you making ninja war to save the princess. Sharp animation brings this visual action game to you featuring 40 levels of shadow action.

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