Obsidian reveals potential additions to Project Eternity

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Yesterday, Obsidian managed to raise over $1.1 million on Kickstarter towards its 2014 RPG that’s codenamed Project Eternity. Obsidian initially said any additional funds it raised would go towards creating more content, but understandably didn’t get any more specific than that. Now that bonus content is within range, Obsidian has set more tiered goals with their respective rewards.

Basically, any addition funds Project Eternity gets will be put towards content that makes the overall game bigger. Expect to get more character classes, support for Mac OSX, new equipment and new locations to explore. The highest goal with specified additional features is currently $2.2 million. Project Eternity has raised over $1.3 million so far.

Here are the goals and the content that will be produced upon meeting them.

$1.1 million – Base game with five character classes and five companions

$1.4 million – New race and companion

$1.6 million – Mac version of Project Eternity with a new storyline and gear

$1.8 million – New race and companion

$2 million – A customizable house for your character

$2.2 million – Linux support, new region, new companion and a new faction

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