Wii U GamePad effective range only 24 feet

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Based on what you’re about to read, you might want to re-think any use of the Wii U GamePad when you’re not in front of your console setup.

In a recent 1UP interview, Nintendo’s Bill Trinen commented that the functional range of the controller setup is pegged in at a rather short distance. And by short I mean that it’s a not-so-grand total of just 24 feet. The range of use shouldn’t come as a surprise given the GamePad’s wireless functionality. Here are Trinen’s comments:

“Of course, when we’re generally giving limits on things like that, and I think the same thing can be said for the Nintendo 3DS battery life… We tend to be more conservative, [which is] because we’re looking at it from a performance perspective. What, really, is the range where you’re going to get the best performance out of that? And you’re going to get the best performance within a range of about… They had a very precise number at one point. In meters it’s like eight meters. In feet it’s about 24 feet. That’s for best performance.”

See what I mean about short distances? This basically leaves a whole bunch to think about considering that the Xbox 360 controller already beats the GamePad by an additional six feet, with the PlayStation 3 controller (the traditional one, as I’m not sure how the Move compares) has an outward range that boots its competition over the proverbial wall by another 35 feet.

Then again, you’re obviously not to going have the GamePad with you on any sort of road trip. Unless you’re also taking your Wii U along for the ride on a major nerdcore conference outing, that is.

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