How To: Transfer PSP and PSOne Classics to a PS Vita with a PS3

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Anyone with a Vita living in North America knows that Sony hasn’t been very helpful in making it easy to get your downloadable PSP or PSOne games onto your handheld. A lot of compatible games aren’t available as direct downloads via the PS Vita’s PlayStation Store, even if the game is already in your PSN Downloads list. While people who only own a Vita are out of luck and at Sony’s mercy, people who own a Vita and a PS3 can take matters into their own hands. As someone who’s taken advantage of the transferring feature many times, I’m going to walk you through getting compatible games from your PS3 to your PS Vita.

Keep in mind that you don’t actually have to own a PS3 to pull this trick off. If you have a friend or family member who owns a PS3, you can also make this work. But enough talk! Let’s show you how to get things done!

Make sure your PS3 and PS Vita are both logged in to the same PlayStation Network account: A Vita is always tied to one PlayStation Network account, but a PS3 can have multiple profiles and multiple accounts. If you want to do game transferring, you need to make sure both systems are turned on and logged into the same PlayStation Network account. People borrowing a PS3 will need to make a new user account from the PS3 XMB by scrolling to “Users” and selecting “Create New User”. Then, they will have to go to “PlayStation Network” on the XMB, scroll down to “Sign In” and log in using their PlayStation Account. If you don’t 100% trust the person whose PS3 you’re using for this procedure, then make sure “Sign in Automatically” and “Save Password” aren’t checked when you log into your PSN account.

Get the games you want and have them downloaded to your PS3: Since you can only transfer games that are authorized to the account that’s on both the PS3 and PS Vita, you want to make sure the PSOne and PSP games you want to download are also tied to that same account. Once you make your purchases or double check to ensure they’re there, you then download everything to your PS3. Don’t install any of the PSOne Classics, as they need to be in their install-bubbles to transfer over to a PS Vita.

Plug your PS Vita into your PS3: Grab the power cord you use to charge your Vita and remove the portion that connects to your Vita and has a USB on the other end. Plug the USB into one of your PS3’s USB ports. The PS3 will then direct you to perform all actions on the Vita and the Vita will prompt you to open the Content Manager app.

Start transferring: From there, you choose on the Vita to “Connect to a PS3 System.” You will then want to choose the “Copy Content” option and select the “PS3 System to PS Vita System” option. As you can guess, this means taking the items from your PS3 and putting them on the Vita. You will then want to highlight Applications. You can then choose from PSP or PSOne games. A checklist will appear of games that are currently compatible with the Vita that are on your PS3. Tap the games you’d like, tap “Copy” and within 5-10 minutes the games you want should be on your Vita.

Profit! You then press the Home button the PS Vita and peel away the Content Manager program to close it. Disconnect your Vita from your PS3. All of your new PSOne Classics and PSP games will be on a fresh page on your Vita system, and you can then rearrange them or play them immediately.

Now, this is primarily a fix for people who live in North America. If you’re in Japan or Europe, you don’t need to worry about any of this because Sony decided to make pretty much all compatible PSP and PSOne Classic downloads live immediately. We’re so absolutely jealous.

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