TGS 2012: You can watch Sony’s keynote live, though you may not understand it

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It looks like that Nico Nico app for the PS Vita is finally starting to make sense. Grab it if you have the handheld, as it will make it much easier to see the TGS 2012 Sony press conference. Even though the Tokyo Game Show doesn’t officially start until September 20, 2012, Sony’s kicking things off early by holding its keynote on September 19, 2012. Thanks to the wonky time differences and the way the world works, that’s actually happening tonight.

The TGS 2012 Sony conference begins at 12:50pm on September 19, 2012 and will be broadcast as it happens on Nico Nico. If you want to watch, odds are you can and will be up. That works out to a 10:50pm start time in Chicago, an 8:50pm start time in Los Angeles and an 11:50pm start time in New York. Well, I guess that is getting a bit late for people in the Midwest and on the East coast. In case you’re not in the Eastern, Central or Pacific timezones, I’ve set up an event time announcer at so you don’t have to do math to figure out when the conference starts in your time zone.

Now, there are two other things to factor in when it comes to wanting to watch the TGS 2012 Sony conference. The first is that you need a Nico Nico account. If you have a Vita and the Nico Nico app, you should be fine. If you don’t, then going to the English Nico Nico site, making an account there and using it should be fine. The second is that the entire press conference is going to be in Japanese. If you don’t speak the language, you’ll really miss out. Sure, you’ll probably be able to get some idea about what games are being mentioned and see some cool footage, but you’ll have to wait to know everything until sometime tomorrow afternoon when the denizens of the internet have translated everything. If you can be patient and wait, I promise we here at GamerTell will tell you everything that happened tomorrow.

I know Nico Nico is the video service to use in Japan, but I really wish Sony had used a different service for their livestream. Maybe it’s just me, but I hate how the comments from other Nico Nico users appear on the video screen, on top of what you’re trying to watch. It really gets in the way!

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