Replacement Wii U GamePads will be available direct from Nintendo

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This Wii U stuff just doesn’t end! Okay, it’s time for another update. Even if I think it’s overkill, it’s likely warranted since Wii U pre-orders are already selling out. This announcement has to do with the Wii U GamePad controller. Basically, you better take really good care of it after you buy it, otherwise you’re going to have to run over to Nintendo to get a new one.

This is basically an update to the original news story about Nintendo not selling extra GamePad controllers when the Wii U launches in North America on November 8, 2012. Extra Wii U GamePads will be available when the system launches in Japan, but not here. Nintendo says it’s to stop confusion, because you know it’s just so confusing to have additional controllers available at retail even when all launch games only support one. People were wondering what would happen if their GamePads broke. Nintendo answered that by telling The Verge that people can come directly to them for new ones.

People with busted Wii U GamePads can contact Nintendo Consumer Service. The representative they talk to will provide then provide details concerning repairs or replacement. In either case, people will have to pay if they want things made right. While there is a price to be paid to get a replacement GamePad, I’m sure Nintendo will have some kind of warranty available at launch that protects people who have only had the system for a few hours/days and suddenly realize the GamePad packed with it is defective.

Nintendo also didn’t provide any kind of price to let people know how much it will be to get a new GamePad or have their GamePad repaired. This only lends credence to my theory that part of the reason for Nintendo’s lack of extra GamePads at launch is partially due to the sticker shock it would cause among consumers when they’d realize how expensive the controllers are. After all, in Japan an extra Wii U GamePad will be ¥13,400 (~$170) at launch. I’m guessing it will end up being around $125 when they’re sold separately in North America.

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