Humble Indie Bundle 6 lets S.P.A.Z. Rochard Shatter Vessel with Dustforce and Torchlight

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As much as I enjoy the Humble Bundles for Android and the Humble Debut Bundles, there’s just something special about a Humble Indie Bundle. It’s a special kind of magic. Not to mention there’s one happening now, which helps us appreciate it all the more. Let it go down in history that the Humble Indie Bundle 6 debuted on September 18, 2012 and we now all have until October 2, 2012 to acquire it!

We’ve got a pretty awesome and robust bundle on our hands this time with the Humble Indie Bundle 6, as you can tell from this news story’s title. I managed to work all of the games’ names into a semi-coherent sentence! Go me! Anyways, if you pay under the current average, which was $5 at 12:50pm CST, then you get Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z., Torchlight and Vessel. Kick in more than the average and Dustforce is added to your bundle. Oh, and regardless of how much you pay, you also get the soundtracks for the five main games. It’s a fantastic deal, especially since none of these games have ever been part of a Humble Bundle before. Hell, Torchlight alone is $14.99 on Steam!

As usual, you decide where your Humble Indie Bundle money goes when you buy the Humble Indie Bundle 6. You pay what you want, and then decide if the developers, the Humble Bundle people and/or the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play charity get your money. Personally, I usually give it all to charity, but this bundle is so fantastic that I may do a 50/50 split between the charities and the developers.

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