Toki to Towa should be in North America in 2013

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Ryoei Mikage from Imageepoch is a pretty good guy. People who follow him on Twitter find he’s very helpful when it comes to talking about the company’s forthcoming games. He doesn’t play PR games or tease. He just says as much as he can, when he can and that kind of honest is refreshing. It’s also how we know Toki to Towa, which could end up being called Time and Eternity or Toki and Towa in North America, will be released on PS3s outside Japan in 2013.

This revelation is thanks to fans who decided to talk to Mikage over Twitter. They asked if Toki to Towa would be released in English in 2013. Mikage responded with a yes. Even when someone asked again to clarify, the answer was still the same. So yay for JRPG lovers, as they’ll have a new addition to their library next year.

In case you’re curious, Toki to Towa still hasn’t been released in Japan. It will debut in that region on October 10, 2012. That means we’ll have plenty of time to look into the hype and determine if the game is something we really want. Considering how pretty it is with its hand-drawn character sprites, I think the answer will be “Yes!”

Read [Ryoei Mikage on Twitter]

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