Looking to buy a Kindle Fire HD? Don’t go to Walmart

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Amazon’s newest tablet, the Kindle Fire HD was recently launched in a 7-inch, 16GB model. You can buy it directly from Amazon, or you can stroll into your neighborhood retail store and pick one up from there. That is, unless your store of choice happens to be Walmart.

Walmart has made the decision not to sell anymore Kindle e-readers or tablets. You may still find some right now, but a Walmart spokeswoman told Reuters Walmart “recently made the business decision to not carry Amazon tablets and eReaders beyond our existing inventory and purchase commitments.” In other words, once the current batch sells out, you’ll have to go elsewhere to get your Kindle fix.

Why would Walmart do such a thing? It’s all about competition really. Unlike other tablets such as the Nook Tablet or the iPad, the Kindle Fire is a direct line to Amazon’s ecosystem of physical and digital goods. Even though Walmart stands to sell tons of Kindle Fire HD tablets this holiday season, it’s afraid those customers will use those tablets to shop from Amazon instead of Walmart. People already have a tendency to price check things on Amazon before going into a physical store, so Walmart certainly doesn’t want to make that task easier for them.

Stores such as Best Buy and Staples will continue to carry the Kindle family of products.

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