Rayman Jungle Run gets delayed for Android

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If you were patiently waiting for Ubisoft to release Rayman Jungle Run for Android today, we’ve got bad news. The game won’t be out until Thursday September 27.According to Android Police, Ubisoft believed the delay was necessary in order to ensure the game ran adequately on as many Android devices as possible. It’s an explanation we’ve heard many times before, but we can’t say we’re surprised.

It’s always disappointing to have a highly anticipated game suffer a delay, but Ubisoft has a lot on its plate. There are so many Android devices out there with different screen sizes, resolutions, processors and RAM out there, it takes a lot of effort to make everyone happy. The reality is there is a good chance Rayman Jungle Run won’t run perfectly on all Android devices. We can only hope the game runs smoothly on our devices, or showcases critical errors within Google’s 15-minute refund window.

Read [Android Police]

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