The MOGA Android game controller hits retail on October 21

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There’s a lot of Android gaming controllers out there that are really trying to get your business. I tend to not pay much mind to these products because you can use just about any USB controller you already own on Android devices running Honeycomb and above. MOGA is trying something a little different because it grips your device (up to 82mm wide) and secures it at eye level.

The MOGA connects to Android 2.3 devices and higher over Bluetooth. It has two analog sticks, four face buttons and rubberized grips on each side.

MOGA shouldn’t have many problems connecting to any game supports a controller, but MOGA specifically supports games released by Gameloft, Atari, Sega, Machineworks, RatRod Studio and Namco Bandai. Developers can also get a MOGA SDK to enabled their games with this controller.

If you’re interested, MOGA will be available from non-specified retailers on October 21 for $50. You’ll also get free downloads for Sonic CD and Pac-Man with your purchase. It’ll also come with a case and the MOGA Pivot App which shows you all the games that are compatible with MOGA.

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