TGS 2012: Dragon’s Dogma gets free updates and an expansion you have to pay for

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Dragon’s Dogma hasn’t been a super-awesome seller for Capcom. It’s done well, but it hasn’t done, say, Resident Evil well. That doesn’t mean the IP is dead, though. Capcom’s taken a shine to the action RPG and in the past pledged to further promote it and possibly turn it into a series. At the 2012 Tokyo Game Show, it made good on its promise. The original game is going to get more substantial with two free updates and a full blown paid expansion called Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Let’s start with what’s free, because free always trumps stuff you have to buy. These seem like they’ll come in the form of patches, just like that easy difficulty level we received a while back. Only this time, we’ll get a hard difficulty level and a special Speedrun mode. As you can guess, hard makes surviving more challenging. Speedrun doesn’t, but adds an all new kind of pressure. It tasks you with getting through Dragon’s Dogma as fast as you can, and offers you rewards in the form of weapons, equipment and such if you defeat missions and the game within a certain amount of time.

The full on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen expansion is much more interesting and mysterious. It will be released in 2013 and of course offer more adventures to people who step into the world of Dragon’s Dogma. Capcom didn’t reveal the story or premise of the expansion, however, and hasn’t said if it will be released on discs or only available as downloads through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade.

This is definitely news to be happy about. I actually picked up Dragon’s Dogma about two months ago, got caught up in real life endeavors and then never got a chance to actually play it. At this point, it almost makes me want to wait until the Speedrun mode is out to jump into the game. If this kind of news can get someone who hasn’t played much of Dragon’s Dogma excited, I can only wonder how happy people who did love the game are about all this extra content.

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