Like Slender? Then you’ll love Slender: The Arrival

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If you’re sick of people online talking about how Slender, aka Slender: The Eight Pages, is the scariest game they’ve ever played like there have never been exploration horror games before, then you better get some earplugs. More ranting and raving is definitely on the way. That’s because Mark “AgentParsec” Hadley’s Slender: The Eight Pages is being transformed into Slender: The Arrival.

Slender: The Arrival is essentially a bigger and better version of the original Slender game. This time, Hadley’s Parsec Productions is working with Blue Isle Studio to make the original game so detailed, realistic and amazing that you just won’t be able to take it. If you thought Slender was scary before, I’m sure Slender: The Arrival will make everything even worse. The premise is the same, as you’re still searching for eight pages before the Slender Man can find and kill you. Just now everything will be far more coherent, there’ll be many more areas to explore and it will look incredible.

Of course, such things are often too good to be free and that’s exactly what will happen with Slender: The Arrival. While the original Slender is a free game, you will have to pay money for Slender: The Arrival once it is released. Considering the original game has already garnered such attention and devotion, I’m sure people won’t mind paying actual money for Slender: The Arrival when it is eventually released. Since we don’t know when it will be out or how much it will cost, I think we’ll just have to hope for “soon” and “under $20.”

If prettiness doesn’t matter to you and a free, incredibly creepy experience is, then you don’t have to wait. You can enjoy a beta of the original Slender immediately. Version 0.9.7 is out for both Windows and Macs and waiting for you to download it. Just make sure you have spare time to grab it. I experienced about a six minute wait for the download link, then had to wait about 20 minutes for the actual game to download. So don’t expect instant creepiness.

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