Amazon’s September 25, 2012 Gold Box contains video games

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It’s been some time since we’ve seen an all video game Gold Box on Amazon. I’ll admit, I’ve missed it. I guess that helps me appreciate the fact that there’s one going on today (September 25, 2012), even though it doesn’t seem like there are any super-incredible games going on sale. Sure, some people will be happy with the Deal of the Day and seven Lightning Deals, but I get the feeling many will be as underwhelmed as I am.

First of all, the Deal of the Day is Madden NFL 13 and it will be on sale all day. If you want the PS3 or Xbox 360 version, you can take 33% off the price. That brings it down to $39.99 from $59.99 which, honestly, is what the normal starting price for a Madden game should be. I know they can be good and some people enjoy them, but I also feel bad for people as the second a new entry comes out, last year’s entry drops into the bargain bin or even lower.

As I mentioned earlier, seven Lightning Deals are coming up throughout the day. One’s passed so far, but I don’t think you’ll be sad you missed the Black Eyed Peas Experience.

  • 6am PDT: Black Eyed Peas Experience (Wii) – $9.99
  • 8am PDT: Ghost Recon Future Soldier (PS3, Xbox 360) – $30.99
  • 10am PDT: “Explore the streets on Hong Kong in this open world action game” – Sleeping Dogs (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • 1pm PDT: “Feel like you’re right in the game with each action you take using this PS3 accessory.” – Probably a Move bundle (PS3)
  • 4pm PDT: “Advanced Bluetooth gaming headset for Playstation 3″ – Some Turtle Beach headset (PS3)
  • 5pm PDT:LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes” – …I’m going to guess it could be LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
  • 8pm PDT: “Immerse yourself in dynamic surround sound while enjoying crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network” – Another PS3 headset

I’d say go for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. I hear it’s a really fantastic game.

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