Humble Indie Bundle 6 now includes 10 games

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It’s time for a Humble Indie Bundle update! I think you were all expecting this. After all, additional games are always added to a Humble Indie Bundle once the halfway point is reached. I’m sure many of you even waited to buy the Humble Indie Bundle 6 to see what the extra games would be. Well, rest assured that they’re worth it. People who pay more than the average price for the Humble Indie Bundle 6 now get 10 games instead of 6.

Here’s how it works now, after today’s update. If you pay under the average price for the Humble Indie Bundle, you get Rochard, Shatter, S.P.A.Z., Torchlight and Vessel for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you pay over the average price, you get Bit.Trip Runner, Dustforce, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown and Wizorb for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. Of those four extra games, only Wizorb is a newcomer to the Humble Bundle scene. Seeing as how the current average was $5.84 at 12:30pm CST on September 25, 2012, that’s a pretty fantastic deal. You also get the soundtracks for every game except Vessel.

You now have exactly one week left to get the Humble Indie Bundle 6. It disappears forever on October 2, 2012. So far, over 225,580 bundles were sold and $1,318,000 raised. The money can go to the developers, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play or the Humble Bundle people, with buyers deciding where their money goes. I’d highly recommend grabbing this bundle – Dustforce alone made it worth it for me and both Torchlight and Wizorb are fantastic too.

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