Muramasa: The Demon Blade’s Vita port gets DLC and new characters

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade had a lot going for it. It was a gorgeous side-scroller from VanillaWare that began its life as a Wii exclusive. There were two playable characters, multiple endings and did I mention it was absolutely beautiful? Still, people are a little heartbroken over its release. For one, it didn’t have as many playable characters as originally intended. The HD port also never happened, there were some minor control scheme issues and the English translation was lacking. Fortunately, Vanillaware has a chance to fix all these things with the forthcoming Vita port, and it seems it as there will be a DLC scenario and new characters.

We’ll begin with the DLC announcement, as that’s the 100% confirmed news for Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The DLC is called “The Bizarre Genroku Tale.” That’s all we know, to be honest. VanillaWare is working on it and it should be out sometime after the game’s March 28, 2012 release. The title doesn’t even give us any hints, as the entire game takes place during the 1688-1704 Genroku era. Not to mention Muramasa is pretty bizarre already, what with a possessed princess and a phantom sword.

The other announcement comes from Famitsu (which we know about courtesy of Game no Hanashi) and suggests Muramasa: The Demon Blade Vita’s version is more than just a port with DLC. It states that VanillaWare is adding four more playable characters to the Muramasa story. This news has just come to light and since the latest issue of Famitsu was only just released in Japan, we’ll have to wait for more details. Since Jinkuro and Torahime were both supposed to have their own stories originally, I’d say there’s a good chance they could be among the newbies.

There’s still no word yet on if Muramasa: The Demon Blade will appear on Vitas outside of Japan. Ignition handled the original localization, but it’s not really doing very well anymore. Fortunately, Marvelous is tight with a number of other companies, like Atlus and XSEED, so perhaps we’ll still see it!

If you haven’t played Muramasa yet and own a Wii, you should. You can easily find it for $19.99 or less now. It’s a spiritual successor to both Princess Crown and Odin Sphere, though I think it’s a bit easier than its predecessors.

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