Fat Chocobo Soars in the Final Fantasy XIV Expansion, Heavensward

All across Eorzea, adventurers rush hither and tither atop a wide aray of mounts. Muscled horses ablaze with the flames of Ifrit, Magitek suits of armor, and fierce, winged Ahrimen carry their owners with relative ease. But some adventurers prefer to travel in style. Such adventurers summon to their sides the unsung hero of Final more »

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Review: Number five is still alive

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Price: System(s): PS4 (Also on PS3, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One) Release Date: February 17, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Koei Tecmo (Team Ninja) ESRB Rating: “Mature” for Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, and Violence The highly acclaimed and often controversial fighting game, Dead or Alive 5, returns to the ring with more »

A photo tour of the Final Fantasy XIV Golden Saucer

After you’ve completed the Main Scenario questline up through the Airship mission in Final Fantasy XIV, an NPC named Well-heeled Youth will appear at (9,8) at the Ul’dah Steps of Nald location. They will express alarm at the fact that you haven’t been to the Final Fantasy XIV Golden Saucer yet, and give you a more »

Batman: Arkham Knight makes thing a little more “Mature”

In a surprising turn of fate, the ESRB has given the upcoming Rocksteady game, Batman: Arkham Knight, a rating of M for Mature. This marks the first of the Arkham games to receive a rating higher than T for Teen. Among the many surprised by this decision is Rockstar founder and game director, Sefton Hill, more »

Taunt Your Friends On the Go with the Mortal Kombat Toasty Button

I’m not sure how to make good use of it but Reddit user, Buck_Rider, has made a webpage dedicated to the famous “Toasty” guy from Mortal Kombat. Perhaps it can be hyperlinked in threads containing mega sick burns. Perhaps it’ll just be another rewarding page that comes up when you visit Regardless of practicality, more »

Pokemon Academy Spotlight: Onix

After watching a level 40-something Onix pulverize level 10 Pokemon all day via Twitch Plays Pokemon, I felt it might be appropriate to spotlight him on this week’s Pokemon Spotlight. Onix is certainly a beastly looking Pokemon, and whether you got your start in the franchise with the original Red and Blue titles or through more »

Austin in Hyrule’s next Legend of Zelda hunt is February 28

Perhaps you’ve heard about the man who hides chests inspired by The Legend of Zelda around the streets of Austin, Texas. Perhaps you’re aware of all the cool homemade pieces of art that goes inside the chests. But, did you know how popular his scavenger hunts are becoming? Ez, the man who brought Hyrule to more »

Filter up your FPS with InstaDOOM

The internet is full of people I don’t understand but appreciate regardless. People who de-make games are a good example. The authors behind the “InstaDoom” mod are another. InstaDOOM is, essentially, a mod that applies instagram filters to the classic FPS title, DOOM. Sure, the game’s been out for over two decades, but that doesn’t more »

Blizzard’s Argi Raises Nearly 2 Million USD for Charity

It doesn’t take much of a sales pitch to sell a cute, blue space goat. The World of Warcraft community especially seems to have a particularly strong drive to purchase limited edition pets. Even so, Blizzard sweetened the pot when they announce Argi back in December by revealing that 100% of the profits from Argi more »

Shoot the breeze with Scooter in Tales from the Borderlands

It’s not clear if you’ll be able to Catch-a-Ride! with him, but according to the newest trailer for Telltale’s episodic game, Tales from the Borderlands, players will, at the very least, be able to interact with the lovable mechanic, Scooter. It’s a good thing, too, because Scooter’s magnetic personality and endearing slowness are downplayed in more »

Japan gets Bloodborne PS4s

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Bloodborne in Japan, From Software has announced a limited edition PS4 that features laser engraved artwork for the game. Sure, it’s just a logo of the game, but that may be enough to force the hands of hardcore fans of the series. In addition to the console, which is more »

The Evil Within is incredibly cheap on Steam this weekend

This weekend, Steam users will be able to purchase Shinji Mikami’s newest horror game, The Evil Within, for 66% off its usual price. Or, in simpler terms, $20.40. Or, in practical terms, two packs of cigarettes in the state of New York. Or, I guess you could even consider it to be equivalent to 10 more »