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2014 Gaming Memories: Getting defensive in Madden NFL 15

Defense wins championships, but a lot of Madden NFL players have confessed to not caring that much about it. That was understandable in Madden NFL 25. Even elite defenses in that game looked like the 2014 New Orleans Saints. EA’s task this year was to make defense fun to play, and I’m happy to report more »

Xbox Live Update for the week of Dec. 17, 2014

First up, the Xbox Countdown to 2015 is on with great deals every day leading up to the new year. There are both daily deals and deals running for an extended period of time. Check them out, you’re bound to find one game calling out to you. The puzzle platformer Kalimba is now available on more »

Contest of Champions made me believe in mobile fighting games

My latest addiction is Marvel’s Contest of Champions, a fighting game on iOS and Android.  Wait, wait, don’t run off because I said mobile fighting game. The basics are simple. Tap the screen for a light attack, swipe for a medium, hold on the opponent for a heavy attack which breaks blocks. Holding backward blocks, more »

Avengers Alliance’s latest Spec Op gets Inhuman

Don’t look now, true believers. Maximus The Mad has approached Nick Fury with some bad news. Thanos is alive and headed to Earth for yet another attempt at conquest. He blames the Inhumans for his last defeat, so Black Bolt and his family have entered the fray. Completing this Spec Op will unlock Crystal and more »

Malfunction: Transformers Universe shutting down

There apparently are limits to the pop culture pull of the Transformers. The Jagex MOBA based on our favorite robots in disguise is going the way of Unicron after less than a year. It will close Jan. 31, 2015 and no new accounts are being accepted. Players who purchased a founders pack, relic bundles or more »

Xbox Countdown to 2015 deals begin today

The new year is almost upon us, but let’s not forget the great games we played throughout 2014. Over the next two weeks, Microsoft is going to discount several of them, some for only a day. Some of the   titles on sale include Titanfall: Game of the Year Edition, Wolfenstein: The New Order and more »


MotoGP 14 review: They see you rollin’

MotoGP14 Price: $29.99 System(s): Reviewed on PS3, also available on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360 Release Date: November 4, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Milestone, Bandai Games ESRB Rating: “E for Everyone” MotoGP is the world’s best known motorcycle racing championship, and has been going for an amazing 65 years. It has a grueling 18 races across more »

2014 Gaming Memories: Finding my nemesis in Shadow of Mordor

Another year full of incredible gaming has almost passed us by. Despite some heartbreaking delays on big games, there were a lot of great moments to be had. I thought I’d share some of mine, and encourage our readers to do the same. For my first, I’d like to talk about a Game of the more »

The Game Awards 2014: Viewership increases without TV involved

Twitch is the new cable for gamers, but even Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley probably didn’t expect to build the audience this fast.  The Game Awards 2014 event drew 1.93 million viewers through streaming, a substantial increase over the 1.1 million that watch’s Spike’s final VGAs. This happened without a big promotional budget. The word more »

Preview: Super Mega Baseball swings for the nostalgic fences

This is my second baseball article in as many days. Yes, I know football is still front and center, but the peanuts and Cracker Jack are just around the corner. PlayStation baseball lovers are already salivating for but there’s another baseball title coming soon. Super Mega Baseball is an indie title hearkening back to the more »

2K Sports banning players for creating Chris Benoit in WWE 2K15

Celebrities may be gifted at things such as acting, singing or in this case, pro wrestling. But away from their chosen profession, they have as many problems as the rest of us. Often, they have even more because everyone is watching them. Chris Benoit is a case of a performer’s fans separating the work they more »

Swamp Thing ready to save nature in Infinite Crisis

Swamp Thing, DC Comics’  vigilant guardian of all things natural, will be available to play in Turbine’s Infinite Crisis MOBA Dec.17. Dr. Alec Holland was experimenting with a chemical that might have solved the world’s food crisis. But bad guys attempted to steal his discovery, triggering a lab explosion. Since this is a comic book more »