Grinding is just bad game design

It’s a quest we all know and most of us hate. You pick it up from the boards, and get told that you need to find X of Y and bring it to Z. Or, maybe a game expects you to play the same old areas again and again and again. It’s grinding, and it’s more »

It’s time for a video game shared universe

Shared universes are all the rage in Hollywood right now. Every superhero team is getting one. Marvel is raking it in at the box office. But they’re still rare in video games, and they really shouldn’t be. I’m not talking about sequels and spin-offs, necessarily. Yeah, it’s nice when a game gets a quality sequel more »


Enough with Far Cry 4’s eagles

Far Cry 4 is a superb game. It needs to be said, because it’s the truth. It takes everything that was great about the previous game and amplifies it. There is, however, one small, ever-so-tiny problem. The worst part of the last game has also been magnified. I’m referring, of course, to those Far Cry more »

Grand Theft Auto V’s Animal Mode is brilliant

As you’ve probably heard by now, Grand Theft Auto V has arrived on PS4 and Xbox One. You’ve also probably heard that Franklin can find and eat peyote to achieve specific effects. What you probably haven’t heard is that it’s pretty much Rockstar’s take on notorious mischief game Goat Simulator and it’s brilliant.

It’s time for video games to arrive on Fridays

It’s been a long-standing tradition, for as long as there’s been modern gaming, really. Games arrive, every Tuesday, with a few oddball exceptions now and again. But, like most industry standards, it needs to be revisited, and moved to Friday.

Ubisoft needs to find its way again

It’s fairly safe to say that this has not been a good week for Ubisoft. On Tuesday, they rather ambitiously released two Assassin’s Creed games, and saw , their flagship release, immediately get pummeled by critics and consumers alike. With good reason too. The game is a buggy mess, something the company had to know. more »

Welcome back to the console, Tony Hawk

The news has come down a bit, first hinted at in rumor and now officially confirmed. Tony Hawk is returning to consoles, and likely returning to form with a new console game. And man, there could not be a better time for it.

It’s time to get rid of QTEs

There’s a moment in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that was doomed to be razzed on the Internet in perpetuity right from its conception. You’re at a funeral, it’s a sad moment and actually a pretty well-done emotional beat, for this series. Then, the QTE (quick-time event) happens. You’re asked to “hold X to pay more »

Far Cry 3 scared the heck out of me

Far Cry 3 is not really your first choice in horror. On paper, it’s a first-person shooter with some survival elements. But as you dig into the game, it actually becomes incredibly unnerving.


Bayonetta 2 and Sunset Overdrive seem insecure

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a handful of truly excellent games. Either they’re well-done riffs on a comfortable theme, like the combat of , or they’re something genuinely new, like the just-released . Both of these games have another theme in common. It feels like they’re afraid you’re not going to like them. more »

Gaming needs an Oscars

It’s the end of October, and thus the beginnings of Hollywood’s awards season, where everybody tells each other how much they really like them. But, while gaming doesn’t need to be any more self-congratulatory than it already is, it could use an Oscars or similar rewards show for a few reasons. Yes, there are the more »

Metallica will shred Blizzcon 2014

Well, this is something of a surprise. Former metal gods and current metal punching bags Metallica are headlining BlizzCon 2014, of all places. Guess that subscriber revenue is still flowing in! Of course, it helps substantially that Blizzard is mitigating the cost of the event by selling “Virtual Tickets,” essentially charging you $40 for a more »