Bayonetta 2 and Sunset Overdrive seem insecure

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a handful of truly excellent games. Either they’re well-done riffs on a comfortable theme, like the combat of , or they’re something genuinely new, like the just-released . Both of these games have another theme in common. It feels like they’re afraid you’re not going to like them. more »

Gaming needs an Oscars

It’s the end of October, and thus the beginnings of Hollywood’s awards season, where everybody tells each other how much they really like them. But, while gaming doesn’t need to be any more self-congratulatory than it already is, it could use an Oscars or similar rewards show for a few reasons. Yes, there are the more »

Metallica will shred Blizzcon 2014

Well, this is something of a surprise. Former metal gods and current metal punching bags Metallica are headlining BlizzCon 2014, of all places. Guess that subscriber revenue is still flowing in! Of course, it helps substantially that Blizzard is mitigating the cost of the event by selling “Virtual Tickets,” essentially charging you $40 for a more »

The Evil Within is undone by its writing

I was looking forward to The Evil Within. It had been a while since we’d seen a quality survival horror game, and it seemed like we were about due. Shinji Mikami was one of the pioneers of the genre. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the writing, for one. Resident Evil 4 comes up a more »

It’s time for 60fps to go

Recently, Ubisoft caused a bit of a hubbub among gamers by announcing that would be locked at 900p and 30fps. People expected 60fps, and they’re upset. Honestly, it’s more than time for the framerate wars to end. This isn’t to say a game shouldn’t be called out for a slow frame rate, mind you. But more »

We’re finally getting next-gen games for next-gen consoles

The last two weeks have been surprising strong ones for boxed games. First, Middle-Earth: Shadows Of Mordor hit for next-gen consoles at the end of September. Then, Alien: Isolation arrived this week. One’s an open-world stabbing party and the other is a tense survival horror game, and they’re both worth your money. But what’s fascinating more »

Xbox One success could prompt action from China

The Xbox One is finally getting some good news in Asia. The ban on game consoles in China was lifted at the beginning of 2014, which allowed the console to go on sale on September 29, 2014. Now, sales figures have come in, and we have learned has moved over 100,000 units. The question, though, more »

Steam Curators should be scrapped

Valve deserves credit for essentially changing the face of PC gaming with Steam, if not saving the genre altogether. We can have discussions about the service and how it handles games, but there’s no denying that Valve keeps trying to make it better, even if sometimes it getting things wrong. The Steam Curator program is more »

Microsoft should give up on the Xbox One in Japan

The Xbox One is the best selling Xbox console. It might sell ten million units by its first anniversary, an almost unheard of phenomenon. (Though the PS4 is also doing well.) But, there’s one region where the Xbox One isn’t selling: Japan. It might be time for Microsoft to give up. The spanking is pretty more »

Holy cow – The Evil Within has ridiculous requirements

The Evil Within is a hotly anticipated game , and many of us can’t wait to play it. However, before you do that, you might want to sit down and clear out some space, because boy howdy, this game wants your entire hard drive.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! might have the best skill trees ever

Building a character tree is hard, especially if you want to build one so players can go through and fight the way they want to. And honestly, at first, I was skeptical of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel‘s character trees. But the more I see them in action, the more sense they make. A good example is more »


The PlayStation TV is about to change gaming

The PlayStation TV is officially on the way, and it’ll be hitting stores October 14, 2014. But more than that, this somewhat strange little microconsole is about to change gaming and how we view it in ways gamers really won’t be expecting.