The Xbox One has a daring new demo scheme, Play Day

The started off with some bold ideas that weren’t exactly gamer-friendly. But Microsoft has been trying to change that right from the start, and Play Day, their latest idea is a fascinating one, to say the least. Play Day is a clever idea, to say the least. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: Gold more »

C’mon, Sony, you can admit why you delayed Until Dawn

Until Dawn was rolled out at Gamescom, and it looks like a fun little slice of horror gaming. But observant fans know that this tribute to the slasher movies of the ’80s has been around for quite a while, and that Sony’s being just a wee bit shy about admitting the real reason.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming

Considering how enormously beloved the core video games of the Pokemon franchise are, it’s easy to forget that Nintendo’s Pokemon has a larger reach. The Pokemon Trading Card game is a good example. You may not have played it since middle school, but many people still are, and now the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online more »

Developers could learn from Silent Hills’ playable trailer

So, Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, and Norman Reedus are reviving Silent Hill. That’s pretty awesome. They even have a brief, playable teaser… that’s actually a lot better than some games I’ve played this year.

Superhot, the only FPS that matters, is coming to Xbox One

Yes, I am aware that calling Superhot “the only FPS that matters” is a bold claim. But I’ll back it up. And that it’s coming to consoles is just the icing on the cake.

Ryse rises on PC

Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the Xbox One launch titles and, at least in theory, . The entire idea was to plug in the game and see just how the Xbox One could blow everyone away as the best gaming machine there is. Or, well, how good your PC is, apparently.

Destiny Ghost Edition preorder cancellations are a good thing

I’m a bit down on Destiny‘s prospects. The beta didn’t thrill me. But it’s still the new game from Bungie, and thus a game with a lot of interest behind it. And that’s starting to manifest in canceled preorders.

Resident Evil doesn’t need better graphics, it needs better gameplay

Resident Evil is a game that redefined what games could and should be, sweeping the era of colorful platformers and 2D fighting games out the door after eating their brains. And now, a struggling Capcom is doing what Capcom always does when it’s struggling, and rolling out its beloved franchises again to tap our wallets. more »

Aliens: Colonial Marines lives on in frivolous lawsuit

Hey, remember Aliens: Colonial Marines? Did you, like us, drink to forget that terrible game? Not everyone did and, in fact, there’s still a class-action lawsuit unfolding surrounding the game.


PlayStation Now is a trainwreck

My experience with PlayStation Now’s beta is, I think, representative of what a lot of people think of the service. I logged in, I looked at the prices, and once I was done laughing, I logged out, never to return. Seriously, who does Sony think they’re kidding?

Fall 2014′s last-gen games are more compelling

It’s been leaked that, yes, to go with the continuation of the flagship Assassin’s Creed: Unity, there will be Assassin’s Creed: Rogues, a game for your old PS3 and Xbox 360 featuring a Templar pirate. What’s sad is that even what little we know of that game makes it a lot more exciting than its more »

Just when you think the Crytek situation can’t get worse, it does

We’ve told you previously that Crytek UK is rife with problems: People aren’t getting paid, senior management quit, and it may affect a number of games the company has in the works. Well, it appears the story is repeating itself in Austin, TX, at the former offices of Vigil.