Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Will Arrive Early

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor or as we like to call it, Assassin’s Creed But With Orcs, is one of the many, many games crammed into October. Or, was, rather, because it’s been moved back a few weeks!

Sony’s 2011 network outage will net you some free games

Remember nearly three years ago, now, when Sony had an embarrassing disaster of a network outage that lasted a month? You forgot all about it, right? Right. Well, prepare to remember, because you’re getting another round of free games out of the deal.


So Xbox One sales are not exactly brisk

Microsoft, like all large, publicly traded companies, puts out quarterly results, offering us an insight into how the company works and how it spends its money. These are usually only fascinating to stock investors, but this quarter had a rather depressing tidbit about how the Xbox One has been doing. Hint: Badly.

Valve adds an analog stick to its Steam controller, making it sane

As you might be aware, Valve has some… very odd ideas about the future of controlling games on the couch. Like, “two touchpads on a controller” odd. Fortunately, sanity has somewhat prevailed at the House of Steam. A recent update has revealed that instead of what look uncomfortably like nipples that you will be expected more »

Call us when you have Steam, NVidia Shield

Today NVidia officially announced its new tablet, the NVidia Shield Tablet. It’s part of their plan to conquer gaming, but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. There’s a missing piece here that NVidia isn’t talking about, and it’s the fact that nobody cares about this until there are PC games on more »

Here’s what some game developers make

Have you ever wondered what a game developer makes? It’s a pretty logical question. These guys who go out and make games that sell thousands, even millions, of copies have got to be making bank, right? Well… not so much, although they are doing pretty well. Gamasutra puts out a yearly salary survey as part more »

Naughty Dog shouldn’t make a sequel to The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us is getting the VIP treatment from Sony. There’s going to be a live performance of the game’s script, a big promotional push is in effect for the , and, of course, there’s talk of a sequel. But that last one really shouldn’t be happening at all. It’s natural for a company more »


Meet the DragonBox Pyra, the Linux DS equivalent

I’m a begrudging Linux user, specifically Ubuntu. It’s the result of being too cheap to buy software like Photoshop and too ethical to just steal it like everybody else. As a result I get to enjoy all the benefits of free software, including the attempts to develop the “perfect” portable console, like the DragonBox Pyra.

Reboot or not, Doom needs more than shotguns

In a rare step away from the usual hype machine process, Doom premiered exclusively to the attendees of QuakeCon 2014, and it sounds… well, honestly, it sounds incredibly dull. Oooooh. Shotguns and demons. Hooray.


Remember MMOs? They’re not doing so hot

There’s only so much stock you can supposedly put into the reams of analysis that arrive about video games every single month. But that said, the data is certainly quite interesting, and raises a few questions. Most of which boil down to “How are these games still in business?”

No, the Xbox One isn’t leading to layoffs

Unfortunately, today Microsoft announced that it was firing 14% of its workforce. Gamers, being gamers, immediately began wondering if the Xbox One was somehow responsible, or even in some cases claiming it as fact, which just goes to show you the console wars don’t care about other people’s misfortune. But it isn’t the truth.

Pinball FX 2 comes to the Xbox One… with a big drawback

Pinball FX 2 is probably the most popular pinball game on consoles. Well, admittedly, that’s not an area with a lot of competition, but people really love digital pinball and in fact will buy table after table. So the game coming to Xbox One is great news for pinball fanatics… or would be, if there more »