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Destiny and the “Hamster Wheel Blues”

It is possible to kill yourself at The Tower, the hubworld in Bungie’s new video game, . All other types of violence are prohibited in The Tower, the game restricting the controls so the gun you’ve been blasting away with stays firmly affixed to your back, the fists you’ve used to pummel hundreds of enemies more »

Paradigm Alpha Demo Preview: The Future is Dumb

The eponymous Paradigm of the video game demo Paradigm inhabits a world where nothing works particularly well. Various generations of radically varying technological advancement have been kludged together to make a quasi-functioning world, but what with all the horny computers, beat-boxing eggplants, and industrialist sloths with bad comb overs, it’s a wonder anything gets done more »

The Walking Dead Season 2 Impressions: Childhood’s End

There’s a point in the of The Walking Dead Season 2 where a character named Bonnie asks Clementine, our story’s heroine, what what her age is. We can choose to say nothing, which is always an option in Telltale Games, denying her the satisfaction of an answer. We can answer eleven, which seems like a more »

How Martina Was Won: First Person Shooter

“These are the legendary times the scene needs to remember.” LastNightsParty exists to inspire a bittersweet fusion of envy and voyeurism in its viewers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young, old, black, white, gay, straight or some other demographic, there’s something in us as humans that makes us want to peer over the fence and more »

Intimate, Infinite: Gamifying Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges is the rare author that’s treasured by academics and mystics alike, his brilliance so radiant and his chosen subjects so diverse they transcend culture and dogma to become something immortal. Attempting to summarize the breadth and depth of Borges’ various obsessions is a fool’s errand, but the following will have to suffice: more »

Sepulchre: You’ve Always Been Here

Guilt is a terrible thing. I don’t mean remorse, or guilt in the sense of assigning blame, I mean guilt as an emotion. The guilt humans experience doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom. Apes don’t feel guilty because they don’t love their children as much as they think they should, and they don’t torment themselves more »

Oracle: Know Thyself

Apophenia is the condition of seeing patterns and meaning in data that is, in reality, unstructured and meaningless: it’s seeing shapes in clouds, malicious intent in a passing glance from a stranger, or a someone’s destiny in tea leaves. Humans aren’t the only creatures that misinterpret information, but we’re by far the best at it, more »

Comedy Quest: Tears of a Clown

I’ve listened to enough podcasts to know that comedy is a foreboding art: Difficult to learn, impossible to master, and usually involving a great deal of cocaine and depression. It takes a particular kind of person to criss-cross the nation standing in front of groups of strangers and blindly seeking their approval. Why would anyone more »

Impressions of The Matter of the Great Red Dragon: Anticlimax

What happens to a quest deferred? We’re all born the heroes of our own stories, the lone protagonist of our particular personal narratives, but as we grow up and mature that story changes around us, as if every one of us is a world slowly discovering it doesn’t inhabit the center of the universe. You more »

The Last of Us One Night Live: Dramatic Reenactment

Naughty Dog’s critically beloved The Last of Us was conceived to address a specific complaint that’s regularly leveled at their Uncharted series: that it evokes ludonarrative dissonance. In Uncharted, the character of Nathan Drake is a charming, amiable rogue, yet the games require him to murder several hundred people. Granted, these people are trying to more »

Gods Will Be Watching: Spoiler Space

The most noteworthy thing about the game Gods Will Be Watching is its brutality, both towards the player and its own characters, but you have to play to the end to learn just how profoundly cruel the game is to its hero, Sgt. Burden. Beware, because the spoilers start here! Sgt. Burden is trapped in more »

Gods Will Be Watching Review: Paying The Price

Gods Will Be Watching Price: $9.99 System(s): PC Release Date: July 24, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Devolver Digital (Deconstructeam) ESRB Rating: N/A Gods Will Be Watching is a point-and-click adventure from Deconstructeam that concerns itself with the merciless grind of responsibility adopted in the most dire of circumstances. It’s a condition soldiers in Vietnam memorably referred more »