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Gifts for the Literate Gamer: Video Game Books, Fiction Edition

Yesterday, we went over books for people who enjoy video games. Because, you know, the hobbies tend to overlap. There are a number of titles designed to offer an intellectual look at our favorite hobby, and we picked four of the best to suggest to you. Now, we revisit the issue, but this time ask more »

Gifts for the Literate Gamer: Video Game Books, Nonfiction Edition

This will confound you youngsters out there, but there was a brief interval in humanity’s history between oral traditions and cloud based storage when information was recorded on physical objects called books. Inspired by the toxic mix of the invention of movable type and Oprah’s fanatical insistence on having an entire club dedicated to them, more »

Elegy for a Dead World: Ghost Writer

Elegy for a Dead World is a video game with the most accurately self-descriptive title since 2009’s Bikini Samurai Squad. The opening scene introduces you as an astronaut jetting through the vacuum of space in a suit with a bubble helmet that only shows your profile in silhouette. You float past the debris of a destroyed spaceship more »

Dragon Age: Inquistion: Decisions and Dragons

Query: If each of the three Dragon Age games took place in different fantasy worlds, would we sense any connection between them? If Dragon Age: Origins was set in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, Dragon Age II was set in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea, and was set in Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of more »

The Old City: Leviathan Review Postmortem: The Labyrinth

  Spoilers Ahead Every civilization comes with an expiration date.  This shouldn’t be confused with periodic outbreaks of disillusionment, which a hysterical establishment often heralds as the end of all things good and holy.  Society always harbors a certain level of outcasts and dissidents with unconventional beliefs, but it takes a major crisis for their more »

The Old City: Leviathan Review: In the Dust of this Planet

Title: The Old City: Leviathan Price: $15 System: PC Release Date: Dec 1, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Postmod Softworks (Postmod Softworks) ESRB Rating: N/A “You and I have shared a grand nothingness.” —Solomon “When meaning is deconstructed, the only driving force for progress is the acceptance of uncertainty.” —Jonah Half walking simulator, half existential novel, The more »

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: The Forever War

The story of ‘s campaign employs the tried and true science fiction method of portraying the future as just like the present, only moreso. The technology is even more advanced than it is now. The idea of the sovereign nation-state is even more irrelevant in the face of globalized neoliberal economics, non-state actors, and the more »

2014 Best Black Friday Xbox One Deals

The leaves are off the trees.  A bitter frost haunts the air.  The days are overcast and dreary.  This can mean only two things: 1. Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the sinister cabal of Al Gore, National Public Radio, and The League of Women Voters. 2. Black Friday will soon be upon us. more »

Prelude to Dragon Age Inquisition: The Tapestry and Dragon Age The Last Court

Dear reader, please take a moment to brace yourself. Draw up your spiritual essence. Fortify your mind. Clench whichever part of you needs clenching. Then, and only then, absorb the following sentence: Dragon Age 2 came out in The Year of Our Lord 2011. Twenty Eleven! That’s three iPhones ago! Has it really been so more »


16 Free DLC Packs Announced For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Polish developer CD Projekt Red is famous for their singular devotion to their fans.  They’ve never forgotten their humble origins selling pirated computer games out the back of a van behind the iron curtain, making a point of staying DRM-free and retaining their company’s original moniker despite the fact that they they no longer sell more »

All hail The Internet Archive’s 900 game Internet Arcade

The Internet Archive, the non-profit organization dedicated to preserving as much publicly available information as humanly and electronically possible, has recently begun hosting a massive library of classic coin-op games, dubbing the collection the Internet Arcade. The Internet Arcade allows users to play games in their web browsers using emulation software called JSMESS that maps classic more »

My Favorte Horror Game: ILLBLEED

Before I found my copy of in the basement tucked in a pile of forgotten discs, I wasn’t sure I hadn’t imagined the entire thing. A few hazy images of the game lingered in my memory like fragments of a half-remembered dream, but they couldn’t be real, could they? A giant robotic spider you steal more »