Gamertell Review: Gamer (the movie)

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When I saw the initial unveiling of Project Natal at this year’s E3, I was impressed at Microsoft’s ability to harness the motion-control technology of Nintendo’s Wii and amplify it to include the human body. In watching that demonstration, I wondered aloud, “What would happen if that technology became the de facto means of playing video games?”

Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor attempt to offer some insight into this query with the film Gamer.

2Bits: Video game industry needs an Oscar-style event (and it may already have one)

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industry awardAs video games continue in their quest to achieve acceptability in the eyes of the public, their cause was bolstered by the news that more individuals engage in gaming than venture to the movies. This report taken along side continuing statements that claim the industry is thriving despite tough economic times offers enough reason to believe that the state of the video game industry is in relatively good stead.

However, with the report that it is more preferable to play a video game than see a movie and news stating that games are outdoing movies in terms of revenue, it begs the question of whether or not games should receive movie-like treatment and have their own Oscar-styled event.

I believe that the time is right for such an event.

Max Payne will return, older and crankier than ever

Max Payne 3The trials of Max Payne, while not always beneficial to the title character, have proven worthwhile experiences for Gamers who have both played and enjoyed his first two games. That interactive enjoyment failed to translate to movie-based success, as both moviegoers and critics universally rejected his silver-screen debut (although it did go on to make a respectable box-office earnings).

Fortunately, for fans of Max Payne’s gaming experiences, the chance to live his life has arrived, as Rockstar has announced that Payne’s third adventure will see release for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC Winter 2009.

Gamestop claims Wiis are finally obtainable

Nintendo WiiFor gamers, parents and non-gamers alike, obtaining a Nintendo Wii for their own usage has proven akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, meaning that it is worthwhile once said needle is found but locating it is extremely tedious.

Help is on the way, says various GameStop sales representatives. According to an article in 1UP, after three years of rarity, consumers can now obtain Nintendo Wiis with little difficulty.

Sony’s PSP Greatest Hits list grows by ten

Sony PSPA complaint often levied against Sony’s Playstation Portable is that there are not enough marquee games for the system. Those who call themselves proud PSP owners, however, would respond by noting that the popular games that are on the platform fail to receive proper attention.

In what perhaps could be seen as an attempt to draw that necessary attention, Sony has recently announced that its Greatest Hits library will see 10 new games added to the list. Games that are branded as Greatest Hits receive a special packaging and a reduced price of $20

Playstation Store Update: Booty & Fortunes Edition (March 19 to March 25, 2009)

Wheel of FortuneThis week’s Playstation Store Update is highlighted by a price drop for Ratchet & Clank’s latest adventure: Quest for Booty. Now retailing at a mere $10, it is a good deal for those who failed to catch it the first time. Also, for those fans of Wheel of Fortune who would look forward to every single day of Pat’s appearance, a chance to participate in the festivities is yours for a mere $15.

Playstation Store Update: Princes and Watchmen Edition (March 5, 2009 to March 13, 2009)

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Playstation Store Bag LogoThe Playstation Store offerings for the first week of March 2009 should prove extremely bountiful for fans of both the latest Prince of Persia title and the Watchmen movie, as content familiar to both of these items are now available for purchase.

Prince of Persia fans who were pleased with the game but horrified at the ending will have the chance to download the Epilogue this week, while Watchmen fans will have the chance to play The End is Nigh, the full interactive experience based on the movie.

The rest of the additional content in this release can be found below, which proves that the Playstation, much like the month of March, is successful at coming in like a lion at the start…


LA Times: Regulating games is a parental right, not a governmental duty

LA TimesWhile gamers and their advocates have long since denounced California’s action as pointless, they gained a powerful ally in the LA Times. In and editorial titled “Violent video games: Who controls the joystick?,” the newspaper has taken the state of California to task for its efforts to legislate an action that should really be left up to parental units.

This is an editorial that any gamer can get behind…

State governments love video games, if only for the money

Video Games

Video games, what are they good for?

A state government official would be apt to answer that question negatively, right before he or she would immediately draft legislation with the intent of “protecting our young children from this evil, malicious art.”

However, considering the fact that our country is now in the throes of a massive economic struggle, these same state officials are taking a second look at how the video game industry is thriving and, like an old boyfriend whom has seen the error of his ways, has since decided to make overtures to encourage game developers to either seek or establish roots in their states, with additional promises of tax breaks or greater promotional efforts…


Latest Gamer Hater: Microsoft boots lesbian Xbox Live subscriber

xbox live logoWhile Microsoft may preach tolerance throughout its Xbox Live service, that message must not have applied to Teresa, an Xbox Live player who, according to Kotaku, had her account canceled based on her admission that she was a lesbian.

A disrespectful action, to be sure, and one that she did not take lying down. Teresa expressed her anger in a letter to Consumerist.

Microsoft, for its part, has taken similar actions for individuals with questionable XBL names…


MSNBC writer believes some games should have sex in them

MSNBC LogoWhen one considers the negative (and often unnecessary attention) that video games receive for displays of violence and overt sexuality, it should come as a surprise when one hears of any one opening calling for games to maintain and even increase shocking displays, provided that they are handled in a mature manner.

The person who is sounding this alarm of positivity is Winda Benedetti of MSNBC. Benedetti, who pens game columns as MSNBC’s “Citizen Gamer” humorously, begins her piece by giving the impression that she is an individual who saw a male organ for the first time. While gamers would undoubtedly dismiss this childish display, her mock reaction in the article’s intro shares some similarities to the realistic responses expressed by…

Gamestop tries to teach its employees how to talk to the ladies

gamestop pink girls edition logo by gamertellGameStop apparently has the opinion that its employees have difficulty approaching women.

That could be one of the reasons for the company’s instructional video (see below) that attempts to enlighten employees on the fine art of marketing video games towards the ladies. It is a fairly interesting nearly nine-minute video titled “Understanding our Expanded Audience” that was part of the company’s “Sharpen the mind, shape the body” promotion. During this advertising campaign, anyone who purchased Wii Fit or My Fitness Coach would receive a free subscription to Cosmo or…