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Jenni has been writing for Gamertell since October 2007, is currently the Editor and has been writing about video games in general for the last seven years. She is also a frequent contributor to Siliconera, Cheat Code Central and GeekParty. As for playing games, she's been doing that since she could walk her way over to her parents' Intellivision. Give her an import video game and you'll have a friend for life. You can stalk Jenni by following JMariye at Twitter.

Nintendo eShop Update for May 21, 2015

Nintendo eShop Update for May 21, 2015 This week on the is definitely a . Most likely because Nintendo doesn’t want anything on the eShop competing with Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition. Which makes sense why there’s only one 3DS game and eight Wii U games. As for eShop sales, a few companies are more »

A Bloodborne expansion is in development

As expansive and exacting as Bloodborne is, people can’t seem to get enough of the PS4 game. What can you say, some people get off on facing the most daunting of challenges and attacking them until they come out on top. For them, there’s good news, as a Bloodborne expansion is on its way. The more »

Here’s another chance to get Mega Lucario in Pokemon Shuffle

Mega Lucario is back in Pokemon Shuffle! Certain Mega Stones can only be acquired via special events in the 3DS free-to-play game. If you want Lucarionite, you have to earn it by being the master of a certain special stage. Back in March 2015, people had their first chance to see if they could be more »


Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX abruptly delayed until September 2015

Funny company, that Sega, as it’s starting to seem a little disjointed after it’s decision to shift to mobile. Many iOS and Android games were the first casualties, and now Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX is the second. The game, which was supposed to be out next week on May 26, 2015, is now coming more »

The Heroes of the Storm open beta is waiting for you today

I hope you don’t have plans today, because there’s a chance to enjoy some free gaming tonight! As you may, or may not, be aware, Blizzard has been working on a MOBA called Heroes of the Storm. There have been some closed beta phases, but people really haven’t had a chance to start properly enjoying more »

You can’t buy iOS or Android versions of Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio or more anymore

Sega’s decided it’s going to be focusing on mobile games, and part of that mindset shift apparently involves making sure the back catalog of Android and iOS games are ones the company and its fans can be proud of. This means a culling of the herd, as games that aren’t thought to be up to more »

There are only 8 Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifying events

Those wanting to prove they’re the very best better hope they live in California, Floridaa, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Texas or Washington, because Nintendo announced the Nintendo World Championship 2015 qualifier locations and there aren’t very many. Apparently, this event will be extremely exclusive, because there will be only eight chances to try and prove more »

Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves backups and boosts amiibo

Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves backups and boosts amiibo Given the success of Nintendo’s amiibo, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing amiibo peripherals. Fortunately, the first one is also rather brilliant. Introducing the Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves. It’s a NFC reader that allows a user to preserve or improve all amiibo more »

The Witcher 3 pre-orders unlocked right now

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now available on PCs This is a public service announcement, though a public gaming announcement may be a better term. Everyone who pre-ordered The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt through some digital distribution means should start getting ready to enjoy Geralt’s newest adventures. In case you went ahead and bought a more »

Here’s your information on every E3 2015 press conference

Okay, before we move onto the real information, I feel like I have to point out that these E3 2015 press conferences aren’t really press conferences. (A friend would appreciate if I took the time to point out that these are really media briefings.) Regardless, we’re going to acquire a lot of important information between more »

My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3am Every Day is so accurate, it’s scary

My friend sent me a link this morning with the following message, “Is this game by Will Herring an accurate representation of life with a cat?” Now, every cat owner’s experience is bound to be different, but after spending about fifteen minutes playing My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3am Every Day, I can more »

Sailor Moon cast reminisces at ACEN 2015

She is the one, Sailor Moon. Or, rather, in the case of Anime Central 2015’s press interview session with part of the cast of the Sailor Moon redub and Sailor Moon Crystal, they are five strong, capable women who are voicing iconic characters that have made a lasting impact on multiple generations of anime fans. more »