250th Gamestation set to open in the UK

GamestationWith the holiday season upon us, residents of Meadowhall, Sheffield, with friends and family who enjoy the occasional match of Team Fortress 2 or 6-hour World of Warcraft marathon — that is to say, the gaming-inclined — will be pleased to hear that Gamestation is about to open a new store in their vicinity.

The store hallmark is scheduled to open to to the public at 9 a.m. on Friday (November 28, 2008), with a special launch weekend set to follow. Local radio station Hallam FM will be on hand to offer prizes to lucky shoppers taking part in the Blender drinking contest, which will feature cocktails aplenty.

The world’s most famous plumber and blue hedgehog (as in Mario and Sonic) will also be joining the celebrations on launch day, offering the store’s first fifty customer a…

Nexon offering in-game deals to celebrate Black Friday 2008

MapleStoryNexon has a special treat for all you MMO fans this Thanksgiving (2008) in the form of a selection of in-game events, item discounts and more.

From today (November 26, 2008) until December 3, 2008, Combat Arms players will be treated to a 20% discount on certain items in addition to access to a collection of discount packages including the Golden Mei Package which includes the mercenary Mei and the gold-plated AK-47.

As of yesterday (November 25, 2008) and through until December 5, 2008, Mabinogi subscribers will also be granted 5% off absolutely everything in the Item Shop. A sale will also be held on November 28 from 10 a.m., during which one exclusive item will be sold every two hours.

Finally, starting on November 28, 2008, and finishing on November 30, 2008, MapleStory players will be able to purchase…

Xbox 360 worldwide sales exceed original Xbox

Xbox 360 ArcadeFollowing the console’s third anniversary earlier this week (November 22, 2005 – November 22, 2008) and the launch of a newly revamped interface slash online service called the New Xbox Experience on November 19, 2008, Microsoft has confirmed that global sales figures for the Xbox 360 have exceed those of its predecessor, the Xbox.

Speaking with MCV, Microsoft’s vice president of interactive entertainment business for EMEA, Chris Lewis, explained that more than 25 million Xbox 360 units have been sold worldwide since the Xbox 360’s launch. For comparison, the original Xbox took…

Bethesda unveils Fallout 3 DLC, content editor

Fallout 3 Encounter

Fallout 3 is nothing if not expansive, but even it can’t last forever. What, then, can you do if you’ve had your way with the main game, but are still in the mood for more post-apocalyptic action? Well, by early 2009 you’ll not only be able to explore the game’s first official downloadable content (DLC), but you’ll even be able to create your own.

On the official side of things, Bethesda Softworks will be releasing three DLC packs for both the Xbox 360 and Game for Windows versions of Fallout 3, starting in January 2009 with Operation: Anchorage — a military simulation of the liberation of Anchorage, a key battle in the Fallout universe.

The Pitt, which features an industrial raider town just waiting to be explored, and Broken Steel , a Brotherhood of Steel adventure that continues where the main game’s quest finished, will follow…

The Guild coming to Xbox Live, sponsored by Microsoft

Felicia DayJust in case you missed its excellent debut season in 2007, The Guild is an online sitcom focused on a group of MMORPG players and the problems that their guild faces both in the (unspecified) game and in the real world. The show won both YouTube’s and Yahoo’s Best Web Series awards for 2007.

After turning down sponsorship offers for more than a year due to incompatible ideas, show creator and star Felicia Day (known for her roles as Vi on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Penny on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) today (November 24, 2008) announced via her personal blog that the show has been picked up by Microsoft.

Xbox Live’s Scott Nocas approached Felicia with what she describes as…

The Lord of the Rings Online expands into Mines of Moria

Mines of MoriaThe Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (LotRO) received its first official expansion pack today (November 18, 2008) in the form of Mines of Moria. Now available across both Europe and North America for Windows PCs, the expansion boasts large dwarven environments to explore as well as several additional updates to the core game.

As seen in the Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Moria – or Khazad-dûm to give it its dwarven name – is a massive underground complex located underneath the Misty Mountains of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. In the LotRO expansion it will play host to hundreds of new quests to complete and foes to battle.

As well as marking the beginning of the game’s second volume…

Ubisoft dumps game based on Heroes TV series

Heroes' HaydenMore than a year has passed since Ubisoft announced that it had acquired the rights to develop a game based on NBC Universal’s popular television show Heroes, which is currently nearing the end of its third season following the airing of “Villains” earlier this week (November 10, 2008).

With next to no information about the game being offered since the original July 2007 announcement, it should come as little surprise that Ubisoft has now backed away from the game entirely. Company PR director Jaime Cottini informed MTV Multiplayer that the rights to a Heroes game have reverted back to NBC Universal.

The game’s cancellation may well be a result of…

Square Enix Online Merchandise Store now available to Europe

Square Enix Euro StoreNorth American residents have been enjoying various gaming-related goodies available from Square Enix’s online store since August 2007 but European gamers have been forced to import or rely on unofficial retailers in order to get their hands on the same merchandise. Until now.

Square Enix Ltd. has announced that the “Square Enix Official Online Merchandise Store” is officially up and running and usable by residents of United Kingdom, Germany and France. The company is also aiming to add access for additional European countries (namely Spain and Italy) in the near future.

In addition to an unsurprisingly heavy focus on Final Fantasy merchandise, the store currently features a selection of products based on…

Microsoft offers Developer Diaries of New Xbox Experience

New Xbox Experience
With the New Xbox Experience (NXE) just over two weeks away from a worldwide launch on November 19, 2008, Microsoft has prepared a selection of Developer Diaries to bring you to up to speed on what you can expect to find tucked away in the mandatory system update.

New developer diaries focused on certain features of the NXE will be released each week, with a selection of six already accessible on Current topics include the new Avatar system developed by Rare, Netflix support, Themes 2.0 integration and the…

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena will hit in Spring 2009

RiddickRiddick, the six-foot-tall Furyan with glowing eyes, will be placed in gamers’ collective hands once again come Spring 2009, thanks to Atari. The publisher announced this week (October 30, 2008) that it will be handling publishing duties for Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

Currently in development at Starbreeze Studios and Tigon Studios, Assault on Dark Athena had previously been pegged as a remake of Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay with some bonus content thrown in for good measure. However, Atari has now confirmed that, while this is still true, the game will also include a brand new full-length campaign as well.

As if that weren’t enough…

Chocobo’s Dungeon coming to Europe on November 7, 2008

Chocobo's Dungeon
Nearly a year after its Japanese launch in December 2007, and half a year after its North American launch in July 2008, Square Enix’s Chocobo-centric rogue-like role-playing game for the Wii, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon, will finally be made available across Europe and other PAL territories on November 7, 2008.

Featuring character designs by Toshiyuki Itahana (Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles), Chocobo’s Dungeon follows Final Fantasy staple character Cid and his trusty Chocobo companion as they find themselves in a mysterious village full of amnesiacs.

Players are tasked with guiding the Chocobo through a series of randomly generated dungeons in order to track down the villager’s lost memories…

Sega revealed as publisher for The Conduit

The Conduit
The Conduit, High Voltage Software’s (HVS) science fiction first-person shooter for the Wii, has been garnering a great deal attention from the “hardcore” gaming community since its unveiling earlier this year (April 2008), but it has taken until now (October 29, 2008) for its publisher to be confirmed.

After receiving offers from a large number of publishers, HVS finally settled on Sega to handle publishing duties for its premier Wii release. HVS CEO and founder Kerry Ganofsky suggests in the announcement press release that Sega shares his company’s vision for The Conduit.

The game…