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Microsoft doesn’t care about you

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has no ownership destroying videogame DRM, Microsoft’s Xbox One has no ownership destroying videogame DRM and for the first time in several months there is a relative degree of tranquillity across the videogame industry. The torches have been doused, the pitchforks returned to the shed and the armies of disgruntled gamers have more »

Halo Xbox One screenshots and trailer, in case you missed them

In case you missed Microsoft’s recent E3 2013 conference and didn’t catch the “Halo Xbox One” news, the trailer can be seen above and the four officially released screenshots can be found throughout this post. Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference wasn’t the company’s strongest effort. Overlooked DRM policies, poorly worded jokes and a general detachment from their more »

Sony release full PlayStation 4 specs, extra controllers cost $59

Sony have release a set of handy grids which fully detail the specifications of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and the new PlayStation Camera. The lists of specifications also include the additional items that come with each product, their price in most major Western currencies and the exciting range of colours more »

Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Android console will be released this holiday season

Game console peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has announced today that their new Android based M.O.J.O. home console will be made available to purchase this holiday season. According to an official Mad Catz press release, the M.O.J.O is “expected” to come with the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Wireless GamePad, another newly announced device that allows mobile games with touch more »

Nyko Technologies reveal three next-gen accessories at E3 2013

Game console peripheral manufacturer Nyko Technologies will show three brand new Xbox One and PS4 compatible products at E3 2013: The Smart Clip, the Charge Base and the Headset Adaptor. Set prices and release dates have yet to be announced, but Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies, claims they will be out within the next-gen launch more »

Maximum Games show off three new compilation titles at E3 2013

San Francisco Bay Area-based publisher Maximum Games have announced today that they will be showing off three new disc-based compilation titles at E3 2013, Worms Collection, Worms: The Revolution Collection and The Serious Sam Collection. Worms Collection was released only a few weeks ago on the Xbox 360 and PlayStaion 3 and includes the original versions of Worms and Worms 2: Armageddon, more »

Microsoft detail Xbox One games, four confirmed launch titles

Moments after Microsoft’s E3 2013 press conference the company has sent out press releases detailing each game confirmed to be appearing on he Xbox One, including four launch titles. Xbox One Launch Titles Check out this list of the four Xbox One games available to buy ta the console’s launch this November: · Dead Rising 3 more »

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII E3 gameplay demo footage released

Sqaure Enix has released footage of the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gameplay video that will be shown at E3 2013. The video shows the pink haired heroine as she runs, jumps and battles her way through an ominous old building. What do I think of the trailer? Well, it’s disappointing to see that it more »

Rare Sega Pluto prototype console has yet to be sold

Roger Vega, owner of the Sega Pluto, has yet to sell his prized piece of gaming history. The news comes from the Twitter account of Sega fan site Sega Nerds which claims to have been in correspondence with Vega regarding a potential buyer that eventually backed out. Sega Pluto: The undiscovered planet The Sega Pluto more »

E3 2013: Sega & Nintendo – A Historic Partnership

It’s easy to forget that Nintendo will be at E3 2013. No it won’t be showing off some flashy new hardware like Sony with its PS4 and no, it won’t be trying to sensationalize the benefits of an integrated TV-gaming experience like Microsoft and its Xbox One. But Nintendo will be at E3 2013, and more »

Neo Geo X: Hands-on with SNK’s retro throwback

Most gamers above the age of of twenty will have probably heard of SNK’s fabled Neo Geo console at one point during their youthful years. Being an exact hardware copy of SNK’s MVS arcade system, the Neo Geo quite literally brought the power of an arcade machine into the living room. Too bad it cost more »

FunStock’s David Chitty talks pixels, smiles and Neo Geo X

SNK Playmore’s handheld Neo Geo X allows gamers to relive the glory days of SNK’s ridiculously expensive Neo Geo home arcade system. With 20 pre-loaded Neo Geo games, an optional arcade stick and an optional docking station that allows for games to be played on the TV, both the standard package and the accessory-including Neo more »