Wasteland 2 Preview: Next generation of Desert Rangers

It’s been nearly 15 years since the original Wasteland brought players into the wide open post-apocalyptic Arizona Territory and some great RPG gameplay even for its time. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, inXile Entertainment has successfully released the Wasteland 2 early beta. Let’s just say everything players loved about the original is still here, but more »

Hello Games working on new Joe Danger for iOS

Joe Danger and its sequels, Joe Danger: The Movie offered the opportunity to play out our stunt person dreams, in wonderful platforming action. Hello Games even widened their platform base to pads and smartphones with Joe Danger Touch. But Hello Games intends on bringing a fully realized Joe Danger game to iOS.

Final Fantasy XIV 2.1 patch offers more of…everything

Ever since Square Enix released , the MMO has been doing surprisingly well and has managed to redeem the series second foray into the MMO genre. The story and its excellent execution of quests has drawn in players, now numbering in the millions. And coming later this month, players can expect one massive patch to continue more »

GamerTell’s 2013 Gamer Stuff Gift Guide

Oh. Yeah. The holidays are finally upon us and there will plenty of new games and two new consoles. But in order to truly geek out as a gamer sometimes players would want to recieve some nifty toys, books, clothing and other trinkets to show their love of gaming. To offer some guidance in finding more » helping charities with indie games ( has been providing excellent old-fashioned games for well over five years. Honestly, other than Steam, has been another  So after half a decade of offering fantastic games is giving something back to the community and all of the proceeds going to worthwhile charities.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf still leading 3DS sales and growth

 has been a huge success for the 3DS so far with its varied and updated content. But Nintendo’s recent sales report has shown the cutesy sim game has been providing more than just entertainment.

Plan your own prison break in The Escapists

When it comes to being a criminal in video games we often find ourselves on the outside breaking various laws and committing infractions against society. But, we have rarely had the experience of life on the inside of prison. Well, Chris Davis and the good people over at Mouldy Toof Studios intend on giving players the more »


Top 5 most anticipated horror games

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and this year’s horror games will end up on our screens soon enough to prepare for the holiday. But, after Halloween has come and gone what is there left to play? Well, not long after there will be a slew of games coming out to scare the hell more »

NY Comic-Con 2013: Eiji Aonuma hints at more Majora’s Mask

The Legend of Zelda series has been experiencing a lot of revamping over the last couple of years. Both Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker returned to the 3DS with crisper images and more content. Just this year we saw the gorgeous looking  come to the Wii U receiving many of the same touch ups as Ocarina of Time. However, since these two more »

New GTA Online patch fixes progress loss

GTA Online is finally starting to run more smoothly, but there are still a few rough technical difficulties that need to be smoothed out. Several players have been dealing with the loss of their money, cars, real estate and even saved characters. Thankfully, Rockstar Games announced they will be releasing a patch today to prevent more »

Bot Colony offers effective voice interaction

Ever since dialogue choice became a fixture in game storytelling, developers have been finding ways to implement the mechanic. Most of these mechanics have fun ways to make your choices flow more smoothly, having different outcomes depending on what you say or even having those decisions impact your character. But, instead of having a list more »

Batman: Arkham Origins season pass gets affordable price

We still have a month until Batman: Arkham Origins comes out on October 25, but the extra content is already being made available at launch. As soon as you pick up the game you can immeadiately get hold of Batman: Arkham Origins season pass for all five DLC at a nice $19.99 price. The value of more »