Toad is both the best and worst Amiibo

The first Super Mario wave of Nintendo’s Amiibo figures just hit stores. Included in this batch is Toad, the worst one released so far. And also the best. Toad’s the worst because it doesn’t do much Toad is technically not the least compatible figure from a number-of-titles perspective (that honor goes to Villager, Pit, Diddy Kong, Little more »

5 Best Pebble Watchfaces for gamers

Have a Pebble? Odds are, you’re one of many. Which means you’ll want to set your smartwatch apart with some unique Pebble Watchfaces. After all, they all otherwise look the same. And, with the Pebble Time Kickstarter running now, you may want to know if there’s the right look for you waiting in the device’s more »

Nintendo Reports over 3.5 Million Amiibo Sales

Nintendo released several positive sales numbers on March 12, 2015, and among these is a total for the number of amiibo figures sold to date. Consumers have now purchased more than 3.5 million of Nintendo’s character figurines, or roughly 7 Amiibo purchases for every 3 copies of Super Smash Bros. sold for the Wii U. While more »

Japanese Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Premium Edition comes with special bonus prize

Sometimes in life, you simply need a hand up. You don’t want a hand out, you just want someone or something to reach down, grasp you by the hand, and help you get up to where you’re going. And then you want them to pat you on the back, and tell you what a good more »

New 3DS XL charging cradle now available in Nintendo Online Store

Have that shiny new, er, New 3DS XL, but feel like it needs a home on your desk or shelf? The official charging cradle is now available for purchase in North America through Nintendo’s online store. Many previous 3DS owners are used to the dock that came with the original model, and this serves a similar more »

Austin in Hyrule’s next Legend of Zelda hunt is February 28

Perhaps you’ve heard about the man who hides chests inspired by The Legend of Zelda around the streets of Austin, Texas. Perhaps you’re aware of all the cool homemade pieces of art that goes inside the chests. But, did you know how popular his scavenger hunts are becoming? Ez, the man who brought Hyrule to more »

3 Ways to Charge your New 3DS XL

Did you or are you planning to pick up a New 3DS XL today? Surprise! Unless you already have a 3DS system, you now have no way to charge it. Don’t worry. There are ways to get around that little problem by picking up an actual charger. That is, spending more money on something you more »

I Braved the Snow for the Rosalina Amiibo

There are two facts, unrelated to football, that you should know about Sunday, February 1, 2015. The first was that this was the day that Target’s exclusive Rosalina amiibo became officially available when stores opened at 8:00 am. The second was that, since Saturday night, heavy and continuous snowfall and winds plagued the Midwest, making more »


Nintendo’s Amiibo shortages are frustratingly good business

On the morning of the Wave 3 Amiibo launch, reports spread of lines forming outside of stores like Target, impatient to get new figures like Rosalina & Luma for themselves — or, of course, eBay. It seems these people were right to be antsy: none of those figures even touched store shelves. Anecdotal evidence seems more »

$60 32GB Vita memory cards on Amazon

32GB Vita memory card is $60 on Amazon A Vita memory card can be expensive. Like, ridiculously so, compared to the comparably sized microSD cards. So when you see a deal, you jump on it and don’t think twice. You better be ready to hop to it today, because now is the time. has the more »

CES 2015: Nyko focused on the PS4 and Xbox One

When you have a new console, you tend to want things to be just right. You want to tailor your experience to your needs, which usually means getting at least one peripheral that makes it a little more your own. Fortunately for PS4 and Xbox One owners, Nyko’s CES 2015 showings are taking steps toward more »

CES 2015: Razer brings Forge TV, OSVR, and Nabu X

I know Razer is responsible for making all kinds of great products for gamers, but whenever I hear the company’s name, my mind immediately goes to peripherals. I think it’s because I’ve been spoiled by their gaming mice. CES 2015 is probably going to change that, though, because this year the company brought an Android more »