One Amnesia Memories LE doesn’t come with the game

Amnesia Memories is going to give Vita and PC owners another way to (virtually) fall in love again come August 25, 2015. It’s good news for otome fans, and has the potential to be even better. See, Idea Factory International realizes people enjoy special editions of games, and has announced a Remnants of Love Keepsake more »

The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy won’t fit large phones like iPhone 6+ and sold out in North America

The wearable Pip-Boy included with the collector’s edition of Fallout 4 can’t accommodate the largest phones on the market. The model includes foam inserts sized for iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5, iPhone 4/4, Samsung Galaxy 5 and Samsung Galaxy 4, Bethesda wrote on its blog. Smartphones similar in size to these models will be just fine, but anything more »

Power A’s amiibo End Level Display may be worth $30

When it comes to gaming peripherals and accoutrements, being convinced to spend a lot of money on things is a difficult task. After all, that cash could be spent on additional games or consoles. But amiibo fans might find themselves willing to splurge on something special from Power A. The accessory creator is going to more »

500GB Xbox One now $349, 1TB Xbox One $399

Big news on the console front today, folks. There have been rumors about new iterations of consoles with 1TB of storage, and one was confirmed. The 1TB Xbox One launch will coincide with E3 2015. On June 16, 2015, 1TB Xbox Ones will appear in stores. For $399, someone will get the system, the new more »


Nyko’s PS4 HDD Data Bank is something we’ll all need

Know what’s tragic? 500GB doesn’t do much for you anymore. PS4 owners are finding this out firsthand, as their system’s hard drives quickly fill despite the system only being about a year and a half old. Switching to a new hard drive is an option, but people are limited as the console can only support more »

Club Nintendo seems to be holding a going out of business sale

It’s fairly common for stores to slash prices when they’re going out of business. After all, they have a bunch of stock that they have to get rid of. If they don’t sell it, they have to deal with storage afterward. Many stores are even willing to sell at a loss in order to avoid more »

Gameband Review: Wearable Minecraft technology

Gameband Minecraft Price: $79.99 System(s): Windows, Mac, Linux Release Date: Available Now Publisher/Creator/Etc: Now Computing Wearable technology is all the rage these days. There are Apple watches, fitbits, and probably hundreds of other types of wearable technology that I haven’t seen because keeping up with modern trends is hard. In any case, it’s no surprise more »

Would you pay $45 for a PlayStation watch?

Here’s a hypothetical question. In an age where you can often find a basic Pebble smartwatch for , would you pay $45 for a PlayStation watch? Apparently, Sony and Modify Watches think people would, because the two companies are teaming up for a PlayStation Watch come May 19, 2015. The idea behind Modify Watches is more »

I stuck a Skinit skin on my Vita; it’s super slick

I did something this month I don’t usually do. I put a skin on one of my gaming devices. We had the opportunity to try out some product from Skinit, a company that makes skins by order for a variety of devices, and has a ton of officially-licensed designs. I had a really bad experience more »

Hyperkin’s SmartBoy really will make your iPhone 6 a Game Boy

That Nintendo Direct and Terraria update announcement weren’t the April Fools’ 2015 news you should have taken seriously. It turns out Hyperkin wasn’t playing with us either when it came to bringing the Game Boy back. On March 31, 2015, the company showed off the iPhone 6 Plus SmartBoy peripheral on its Tumblr. The idea more »

Splatoon Amiibo on the way in May

Three new, Splatoon Amiibos will launch alongside the Wii U title on May 29, 2015. Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid were revealed in the April 1, 2015 Nintendo Direct video along with details of their functionality in the upcoming game. The trio of Splatoon Amiibos will be available as a bundled package, as more »

Toad is both the best and worst Amiibo

The first Super Mario wave of Nintendo’s Amiibo figures just hit stores. Included in this batch is Toad, the worst one released so far. And also the best. Toad’s the worst because it doesn’t do much Toad is technically not the least compatible figure from a number-of-titles perspective (that honor goes to Villager, Pit, Diddy Kong, Little more »