Here’s that Bud Light Pac-Man commercial

People put a lot of effort into Superbowl commercials. They know it’s the one time people will go out of their way to pay attention to every ad, and sometimes even go online to watch and rewatch what will hopefully become viral sensations. In the case of one, the company isn’t waiting until Super Bowl more »

Ryan North’s Choose Your Own Adventure Hamlet is becoming a game

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who loves avant garde adaptations of classic literature, but loathes the physical act of turning pages, your prayers have been answered.  Ryan North, author of Dinosaur Comics, the Adventure Time, and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic books, editor and idea man behind the Machine of Death story collections, more »

Fallout versus Skyrim is the greatest video you’ll see today

I know, I know. I write entirely too many articles about Skyrim. But this article isn’t just about Skyrim! It’s also about Fallout! So obviously, this is something new, interesting, and different, right? Of course it is, don’t contradict me. I’m an Elven Princess, dammit. Look, the important thing is that this Fallout vs Skyrim more »

Examining the Creative Mode and Munari Starbound mods

As you saw the other day, I went ahead and made my first Let’s Play video for Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel, because boredom and a holiday are powerful forces. Since I had more spare time after that, I decided to show the power of being OP with Starbound mods. After all, we’re pretty limited in more »

It’s a slow news day, let’s play Last Inua

As you’ve probably gathered, today is a holiday. Which means there really aren’t any striking revelations to report on. In addition, a number of more in-depth features are in the works. Which means I played a little of Last Inua. I have a lot of unplayed games in my Steam library, thanks to various indie more »

Punk Spider-Man swings into Spider-Man Unlimited

The Marvel Comics epic event “Spider-Verse” will feature every Spider-Man ever created, and quite a few we’ve never seen before. Many of them will also appear in Gameloft’s endless runner Spider-Man Unlimited. Arriving in the game now is Punk Spider-Man. This creator of anarchy is at war with Norman Osborn, who in his universe is more »

Xbox One won the wrong Emmy

Did you know there is an Emmy award dedicated to Television Enhancement Devices? There is! Did you know Microsoft will soon receive said award in light of Xbox One’s multimedia capabilities? They will! It’s hilarious! Now, I don’t want this to sound like the inexorably disapproving step-father who disowns his own son for only curing three strains more »

February Xbox One system update adds game hubs and TV features

Xbox One dashboard preview members are getting a look at some new features we’ll all have soon. Game hubs are  the biggest new addition. They’re content centers for everything you want to know and share about games. Players can see if their friends are playing, compete on leaderboards and see who the top players are. more »


Hoopa should come to Pokemon ORAS soon

Anyone enviously eying up hacked legendaries since Pokemon X and Y will be pleased to know their desire for another “rare” pokemon should be satiated soon. Behold, the next Pokemon movie in Japan has been revealed as Ring no Choumajin Hoopa, starring Hoopa! For all those wondering why a Japanese, animated movie should matter to more »

The Babadook deserves its own horror game

I’m not one for horror films, or horror games, so when I find one that even I enjoy, I can’t help but share it with the world. So today I would like to introduce everyone to The Babadook. The film is an Australian psychological thriller, and seems to be begging for a video game port. more »

CES 2015: PlayStation Vue on PS3 and PS4 soon

So the Xbox One is getting Sling TV service first. Big deal, that’s okay. The PS3 and PS4 are going to be the exclusive home of PlayStation Vue at about the same time. That’s right, while the Xbox One will have Sling TV in Q1 2015, PlayStation Vue will debut too. Both the PS3 and more »


CES 2015: Xbox One gets Sling TV first

One of the first, gaming-related announcements of CES 2015 has been made, and it has to do with streaming TV. Namely, that the Xbox One will be the first console to get a Sling TV app for watching streaming, live TV. By the way, don’t feel bad if you’re making a “What?” face right now. more »