E3 2015: Best possible use of the Doom trailer

I’m going to be honest here. I think the entire amount of time in which I have played any Doom game is directly inverse to the number of articles about Skyrim that I’ve written. I haven’t played much of the game, is what I’m getting at. So I have no clue what makes a Doom more »

NFL star Marshawn Lynch will be Call of Duty: Black Ops III character

Forget about killstreaks, just engage Beast Mode. Seattle Seahawks superstar Marshawn Lynch will appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, becoming the first athlete in the series. As competitive as they are, I’m guessing he won’t be the last. Notorious for his efforts to avoid postgame interviews, Lynch might seem like an odd choice. But in more »

Professional agitator Uwe Boll tries desperately to be relevant again

Remember Uwe Boll? Of course you don’t. No one has remembered him since Germany closed the tax loophole that he heinously exploited to make money off of beloved video game properties. He then tried desperately to keep himself in public attention by challenging his critics to a boxing match, but everyone seemed to have decided more »

Tales of 20th Anniversary Animation appears to continue Zestiria

It’s pretty hard to believe, but Bandai Namco’s Tales is coming up on its 20th anniversary. (Maybe because it took so long for the series to become commonplace outside of Japan?) Anyway, as befitting such a major milestone, the company is celebrating, and one of the big events is a Tales of 20th Anniversary anime more »


Celebrate Marvel Heroes 2nd anniversary with Doom, you impudent whelp

Dr. Doom could obliterate you with a single thought, but at least have some birthday cake first. The second anniversary of Marvel Heroes calls for something big, like perhaps the in-game debut of comics’ greatest villain who is sometimes heroic. Doctor Doom himself has arrived, and for $19.99 you can get the Lord of Latveria’s hero pack. more »


DC themed MOBA Infinite Crisis is shutting down months after official launch

That was faster than a speeding bullet. After a year of open beta, Infinite Crisis officially launched in March. It will shut down in August, according to an announcement from its community manager. The game will remain completely free until then, and Steam customer support will refund any customers who purchased either the starter pack more »

Monster Hunter X announced for 3DS

Nintendo brought out the hits at its direct presentation today, including the latest installment in Capcom’s series. Monster Hunter X will arrive in Japan this winter on the 3DS. Built on the same engine that powered Monster Hunter 4, it will have new super actions for weapons, new areas and the most important thing, new monsters. Capcom more »

2K Games teases “Advent” with eerie website

2K Games has laid the groundwork for a viral marketing campaign for something called “Advent.” Two posts on 2K Games’ official Twitter account show a beautiful city skyline and make mention of a “world of tomorrow.” However, the second post includes a gif that morphs into a burning city skyline with the words, “fear the world more »

KFC turns Colonel Sanders’ bio into an Atari style game

Kentucky Fried Chicken is bringing the Colonel back with a huge ad campaign, and has hired Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond to portray him in commercials.  As part of the promotional blitz, it has released a retro-style game called Colonel Quest. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the jobs KFC swears Colonel Harland Sanders during the jobs more »

Bethesda shows brief teaser for new DOOM

Much of the Bethesda-related talk has been about Fallout 4 and Wolfenstein: The New Blood, so it would be easy to forget about the return of Doom. That is, until you saw this latest teaser. Bethesda is quite excited and is hosting its first ever E3 Conference June 14. We’ll no doubt see more of Doom, Fallout 4 and perhaps some other surprises. more »

Sailor Moon cast reminisces at ACEN 2015

She is the one, Sailor Moon. Or, rather, in the case of Anime Central 2015’s press interview session with part of the cast of the Sailor Moon redub and Sailor Moon Crystal, they are five strong, capable women who are voicing iconic characters that have made a lasting impact on multiple generations of anime fans. more »

Richard Epcar talks anime and games at ACEN 2015

Richard Epcar talks anime and games at ACEN 2015 Despite having voiced over 400 characters, this marked the first appearance of Richard Epcar at Anime Central, one of the Midwest’s largest anime conventions. If you’ve played a video game, watched an anime, or even grown up with cartoons, odds are you’ve heard Epcar before, whether more »