Let It Go in MapleStory with a Frozen collaboration

Just imagine how cooler we’ll be in summer with a MapleStory and Frozen collaboration! Yes, I totally just yanked a lyric from “In Summer.” Good catch! It seemed appropriate though, considering it is summer, and Nexon and Disney have just announced a MapleStory and Frozen one-two punch… for Korea. Until August 10, 2014, people playing more »

Oh great, a Sharknado: The Video Game is coming

Well, this is just great. Who’s bright idea was it to encourage the Sharknado fad by making a video game based on it? Majesco? Figures. Because capitalizing on ridiculous things is pretty much a way of life, Majesco and Other Ocean are going to be releasing Sharknado: The Video Game alongside the SyFy made-for-TV movie more »

Jagex’s Transformers Universe enters open beta this weekend

At the end of this day, in the middle of this lane, one shall stand and one shall fall. The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre is one of the hottest in gaming right now. Popular licenses including The Lord of the Rings and DC Comics heroes have already jumped in. Now it’s Optimus Prime’s more »

Marvel Heroes celebrating Fourth of July and Canada Day with special events

Yes, we understand that many July 4th festivities involve going outside. Blah blah sunlight, vitamin D, all that stuff. But I think Captain America would want you to reserve some time for gaming, too. If you’re feeling patriotic in either America or Canada, Marvel Heroes has events and sales ready for you. In a promotion more »

Zach Braff’s Video Games: The Movie coming in July

News regarding a video game documentary that should please both fans of games and documentaries  alike has surfaced. Jeremy Snead and Zach Braff’s Video Games: The Movie  secured distribution rights, meaning there is a release data now including a new trailer (see below). As you might guess, the film charts the evolution of the video game industry from more »

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie arrives July 21

James Rolfe, better known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, has earned a huge fan following on YouTube. His profane rants about classic games are the stuff of legend. He began them as a joke, but they went viral and garnered worldwide acclaim. Now he’s bringing that passion to a cinema near you with The more »


Captain America wants you to play Avengers Alliance Tactics

A little while back I told you about Avengers Alliance Tactics, a strategy game in the vein of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I’m ecstatic to tell you it is now live on Facebook, and it’s glorious. Twenty of your favorite Marvel heroes can take to the battlefields to fight a horde of enemies old and new. more »

Marvel Heroes introduces ‘One-Shot’ adventures

If you had one shot, one opportunity to try out the newest feature in Marvel Heroes, would you capture it? One Shots are a new feature in the MMO. They’re a throwback to those increasingly rare comic book stories that are self-contained adventures. They don’t tie into another book or crossover event. Villain shows up, more »

ACEN 2014: Laura Bailey is the Boss

When you think of video game voice actresses, Laura Bailey is one of the first women who come to mind. She’s been a major presence in the industry, way back since her start voicing Akane, Dende, and Kid Trunks in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and has gone on to star in over 230 more »

ACEN 2014: Travis Willingham talks inFamous, Secondhand Lions

If you’re a gaming and anime fan in the Chicago area, you know where the party’s at. That’s right, it’s ACEN 2014 time. An array of celebrities have appeared in the area, and the congenial Travis Willingham was among them. You may know him from his most recent role as Reggie Rowe in , but more »

Have a Campy Movie Night with a Mortal Kombat Blu-ray collection

You can’t stop Mortal Kombat. You can only hope to contain it. And a is a pretty good way to start. Yes, clear a place of honor on your movie shelf or disc wallet for a Mortal Kombat collection. It’s so awe inspiring, it doesn’t even have an official name like the Mortal Kombat Collection, more »


Avengers Alliance Tactics coming to Facebook soon

I didn’t think Marvel: Avengers Alliance could get more awesome. But a new title, Avengers Alliance Tactics will offer up XCOM-like strategy. Like in Avengers Alliance, players will put together teams including Marvel super heroes and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. But the combat will be 3-D and top down. Avengers Alliance Tactics will start with a trip more »