Malfunction: Transformers Universe shutting down

There apparently are limits to the pop culture pull of the Transformers. The Jagex MOBA based on our favorite robots in disguise is going the way of Unicron after less than a year. It will close Jan. 31, 2015 and no new accounts are being accepted. Players who purchased a founders pack, relic bundles or more »

The Game Awards 2014: Viewership increases without TV involved

Twitch is the new cable for gamers, but even Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley probably didn’t expect to build the audience this fast.  The Game Awards 2014 event drew 1.93 million viewers through streaming, a substantial increase over the 1.1 million that watch’s Spike’s final VGAs. This happened without a big promotional budget. The word more »

Dancing with the Stars Super Mario Tribute was great

I don’t have a television here in the mystical glade, but I do try to keep up with pop culture. Thus, I have a pretty good idea when interesting things happen. You may recall me pointing out Slamba Yetu, the remix of the Space Jam theme with Bab Yetu from Civ IV. Well, now something more »

Persona Q Preview: I want an anime spin-off

I’m officially part of the problem. As I play through Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and experience the various interactions between the cast of Persona 3 and 4, all I can think is how much I want there to be a Persona Q anime series. Think about how many Persona anime series there are more »

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gets a new Pikachu

There’s a new Pikachu in town, and he’s going to be strutting his stuff. We’ve reached a point where there’s always a Pikachu in every Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s tradition. However, the November 27, 2014 parade appearance is going to be special. It’s the 15th year he’ll be floating his way through New York. more »

Even Mike Tyson Can’t Beat Mike Tyson in Punch-Out

When I was growing up, Punch-Out was one of my favorite games. Yes, in a lot of ways it was a celebration of racism, but it was still one of the best boxing games ever made. Even today, I have the game, and I’ll sometimes boot it up when I’m feeling the need to trounce more »

Wednsday deserves her own Addams Family game

Here in the mystical glade, I don’t own a television. Instead, I focus all my Elven magic on ensuring a solid internet connection. That means that instead of TV shows, I watch a lot of YouTube series. Amongst my favorites are certain video game themed shows, like The Completionist, and of course, Adult Wednesday Addams, more »

Have you seen the Bayonetta 2 commercial yet?

I thought I was having a “senior moment,” even though I’m only 31, the other day. I had Comedy Central on as white noise in the background while I was playing Super Smash Bros, and I could have sworn I heard someone say something about Bayonetta 2. I figured I was crazy and had Nintendo more »


Watch Letterman for Hatsune Miku (Update)

Oh man, something monumental is happening tonight. Remember how Hatsune Miku was the opening act for Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP tour, and how her Project Diva came to the US in 2013? That was only the beginning. Ahead of the November 18, 2014 release of and the Miku Expo performances in Los Angeles and New York, more »


Sonic Boom TV show and game explode this November

Prepare for a blast. The new Sonic series has official launch dates. I’m not just talking about the Sonic Boom video games. I’m talking about the TV show too. Everything is set to kick off this November, so prepare to hear all of the kids you know (as well as the ones who are kids more »


WWE 2K15 reveals first part of roster with superstar panel

WWE and 2K Sports held the first of a two part roster reveal Monday night on WWE Network. After last year’s event it’s no surprise that Ric Flair was nowhere to be seen. Current superstars Roman Reigns, Cesaro and Sheamus joined Hulk Hogan, Sting and Stone Cold Steve Austin to talk wrestling and WWE 2K15. more »

WWE 2K15 gameplay trailer releases, roster reveal after Monday Night Raw

Oh yes, it is almost time for WWE 2K15 to eat, sleep, conquer and repeat. There is a brand new trailer featuring some gameplay including some of the superstars’ signature moves. This year’s installment changes up a lot of the gameplay. There will be a greater emphasis on chain wrestling and making the product resemble more »