Try PlayStation Vue if it’s near you

Another means of cutting the cable and satellite cords has debuted today. Mark the date, because on March 18, 2015, PlayStation Vue appeared before select PS3 and PS4 owners. Yes, a few now have the ability, and I guess some might consider privilege, to pay Sony to watch things on their consoles. I say few, more »

You’ll be able to watch Grand Theft Auto on the BBC (Update)

As part of its new UK-wide initiative “Make It Digital,” network giant BBC is planning a new drama based on Grand Theft Auto. GTA was selected for the program for its controversial nature and staggering popularity. Of course, for a movement bent on spurring creativity in digital entertainment, inviting the fastest-selling entertainment IP in history certainly isn’t a more »

PS4 HBO GO app is go

A wrong has been righted. Our PS4 media viewing options have increased. The PS4 HBO GO app is here. Really, when I say here, I mean “here”. The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog a little while ago, and if you check your system, you should find it ready to enjoy right now. It’s more »

Watch a tiny Hulk smash things in Marvel Mighty Heroes

DeNA, the same publisher currently running to the bank thanks to Transformers Battle Tactics, has turned its sights to smaller versions of Marvel crimefighters. Marvel Mighty Heroes, not to be confused with action RPG Marvel Heroes (yeah right) is a free-to-play mobile co-op brawler coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Playable characters revealed so more »

WWE Supercard adds fusion chambers, legendary divas

More than six million of The Rock’s fans smell what WWE Supercard is cooking. The wrestling-themed card battler is surprisingly easy to pick up, but difficult to put down. The game’s latest update adds a new method for creating cards, and according to 2K Games it can generate 48 cards more powerful than any released more »

Did Craig Robinson really need that Hay Day money?

Everyone has one of those commercials. The ones where the second it comes on, you seize up and go into a full body cringe. These come around about once or twice a year, and unfortunately my latest reviled commercials have come in a series. I’m talking, of course, about Craig Robinson’s Hay Day commercials. Hay more »

Farewell, Radio Shack: I sort of remember you

Radio Shack has been imploding for a while now. It was a company stuck a good two decades back in time, a fact it lampooned itself in one of 2014’s best Super Bowl ads. It was an enterprise that no longer needed to exist. Upon hearing that it was going bankrupt, my reaction was that more »

The Order: 1886 gets monstrous on Super Bowl pre-game show

How high are expectations for ? The latest PlayStation blog calls mentions The Order’s Sir Galahad alongside great characters including Kratos and Nathan Drake. Lofty praise to be certain, but hopefully Sony knows better than to just throw those names around. It didn’t quite make the big game’s media blitz, but this exciting trailer turned more »

AngryNeeson 52 will find this Clash of Clans player, and kill him

Celebrities often poke fun of themselves or characters they play in Super Bowl commercials, and this year was no exception. We saw Walter White hawking insurance and Mindy Kaling continuing her comedic persona of pretending not to be really pretty. I don’t know how I managed to miss this one during the big game, but more »


9 Best, Geeky Super Bowl Commercials of 2015 (update)

The Super Bowl is the only time of year where people can’t wait for the commercial breaks. That’s because Super Bowl commercials have become something to anticipate, rather than dread. Companies spend tons of money on these spots and use it as an opportunity to be as clever as they possibly can be. It’s a more »

The Simpsons Minecraft merger happens February 2015

Remember back in April 2014, when The Simpsons Minecraft opening was a big deal? Well, you’re going to start hearing those two names mentioned in conjunction again. Our favorite, yellow family is getting into the voxel realm again. This time, it’s with a The Simpsons Minecraft skin pack. Yes, by the end of next month, more »

Here’s that Bud Light Pac-Man commercial

People put a lot of effort into Superbowl commercials. They know it’s the one time people will go out of their way to pay attention to every ad, and sometimes even go online to watch and rewatch what will hopefully become viral sensations. In the case of one, the company isn’t waiting until Super Bowl more »