Mega Shortage: Mega Man Amiibo pre-orders being delayed until March

If Amiibos were a stock, the rating would be “buy as much as you can afford, than sell your kidney for more.” The little figures have been flying off shelves and shortages are happening before new ones arrive. Add the Mega Man Amiibo to that list of figs. Amazon customers have revealed that they’re getting more »

A Dreamcast watch could cost you $399

Eight years after the Dreamcast was released in Japan, Sega released a Dreamcast watch. It was beautiful. It was detailed. It was freaking expensive. The watch debuted in September, 2006, and it cost about $130. Which, some fans would argue is an amount worth paying. Those who love Sega and its Dreamcast are a dedicated more »

BioWare holding auction for Easter Seals Drop Zone charity

It’s always nice seeing the video game industry do something nice for the world. What’s even nicer is when they get fans involved by offering a little something for them to further their contributions. BioWare fans will be pleased to hear they’ll be doing something very similar.

6 Skylanders go for $1,260 on eBay

An amazing feat has just occured. Someone in the United Kingdom managed to get their hands on not just one, but six very rare Skylanders figures to use with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Now, most people who would find even one of these special silver or gold figures would probably cherish it. Not this person. Mickeymousemate more »

Jeff Bridges’ TRON-inspired painting to be auctioned for children’s charity

With the dozens of auctions that have recently occurred to help the people of Japan, it can be easy to forget that there are countless other worthy causes in the world. One is by Share Our Strength called the “No Kid Hungry” campaign, whose goal is to end childhood hunger by the year 2015. Actor Jeff Bridges is the national spokesman for the organization and has offered his TRON-inspired painting for auction to raise money for this cause.

Paizo’s Japan relief auction features signed books, art

Quite a number of game companies have had specials offers to help out Japan, but Paizo’s offer would have me reaching for my wallet even if it wasn’t for a good cause.

Media Molecule auctioning LittleBigPlanet artwork, goodies for Japan charity

Looks like Sackboy is also lending a burlap-covered helping hand to the people of Japan, as developer Media Molecule has announced that they’re conducting five auctions. Four of them involve original works of art, while the fifth is an in-game item coveted by many LittleBigPlanet fans.

Sega puts lots of rare merchandise up for auction

Dreamcast hoodie Sega has teamed up with Play for Japan to create auctions that will help relief efforts in Japan. Sega has put up 20 items from some of its best franchises on eBay. Every dime made from the auctions will go to the American Red Cross. In the event that the American Red Cross receives more money than necessary, the funds will be put towards helping victims from other natural disasters.

Gaming journalists auction signed DSes for charity

It seems that everyone is doing his or her part, no matter how large or small, to donate money to aid the victims of Japan’s double disaster earthquake and tsunami. Even gaming journalists have gotten in the picture. Both Peter Rojas and Meagan Marie are auctioning off their autographed Nintendo DS handhelds in the name of charity.

Gary Gygax’s toys are for sale

The Chainmail rulebook Gary Gygax, the father of role playing games, passed away March 4, 2008, leaving behind a legacy that stretched from some friends playing in his basement in 1967, to millions of people paying monthly premiums for World of Warcraft today. Gygax didn’t just create games, he played them, and who wouldn’t want to take a peek in his game closet, or better yet own something from it?

Buy a video game store on eBay for $30,000

video game store on eBay

Wow, people will try to sell anything on eBay these days.

A mom-and-pop video game store in Grand Junction, Colorado, is going out of business and has put up its store for sale on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $30,000.

The store’s owner explained that potential buyers can either buy just the inventory (worth $60,000) or take over ownership of the whole store. He also mentioned that delivery is free if the location is within 750 miles.


Buy a real Tron light cycle on eBay

Ever wanted your own light cycle like in Tron? I’m not talking about a little model that sits on your desk or bookshelf. I mean a life-sized, working light cycle. Well, you’re in luck, because there’s one for sale on eBay with a $35,000 Buy it Now price.