You Must Build a Boat Review: Wet, wild fun

You Must Build a Boat Price: $4.99 System(s): PC (Also available on Android and iOS) Release Date: Month Date, Year Publisher (Developer): EightyEightGames (EightyEightGames) ESRB Rating: N/A Match-3 games tend to be a guilty pleasure. The problem is, it’s difficult to find one that really stands apart. Distinctive endeavors are difficult to find, given how more »

Pokemon Shuffle headed from 3DS to Android, iOS

Everyone’s favorite Pokemon-based, matching addition is going to get a larger audience. It turns out Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have decided Genius Sonority’s Pokemon Shuffle is ready for the big time. Not that it wasn’t “big” on the 3DS. Millions of people are playing it on Nintendo’s handheld after all. But the companies feel more »

Serafina’s Crown Review: Small part of a bigger picture

Serafina’s Crown Price: $7.99 System(s): PC, Android and iOS Release Date: December 16, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Woodsy Studios (Woodsy Studios) ESRB Rating: “Mature” for strong language Visual novels are all about the story, right? Well, I’ve never seen such an elaborate story as the one told Serafina’s Crown. It’s the official sequel to a game called Serafina’s Saga, but there is so more »

Wattam Preview: Whatta wonderful world

Wattam begins with a monster that wanted to devour the Earth. It was huge, grotesque and had a head that was the shape of the King and Prince of the Cosmos. It wrapped its tongue around the planet, pulling her towards its mouth. But the Earth had other plans. She revealed a bomb on her more »

Cubicle Ninjas brings practicality to virtual reality

E3 2015 had no shortage of virtual reality technology for me to try, and most focused on entertaining. However, one company, Cubicle Ninjas, is doing something entirely different with the technology. Cubicle Ninjas had two projects at E3. One was a virtual tour of Venice, Italy, which had the added benefit of basically being a more »

Gnog Preview: Getting inside monsters’ heads

I knew nothing about Gnog going into it. I was at E3, there was 10 minutes until my next appointment and nobody was at its demo station at Sony’s booth. I figured why not stop by and find out why a green cyclops was staring at me. It was then that I learned that Gnog more »

E3 2015: SpeedRunners is gleefully carefree competition

At one moment, I forgot about being at E3 2015, having a one-on-one meeting with a developer/publisher, about essentially being on a business-slash-work trip. That moment came after Alex Nichiporchik and Mike Rose of tinyBuild asked me if I had played SpeedRunners before. The story goes a little like this: tinyBuild came into a lot of more »

You must watch us play You Must Build a Boat

Some match-3 games are great. I know they get a bad rap, but there are some gems out there. EightyEight Games’ 10000000 was one of them, and it looks like the follow up, You Must Build a Boat has that same kind of bite. Players go on an adventure, crossing an ocean, while simultaneously building more »

Sonic Dash gets Angry Bird cameos

Just when you thought gaming’s most desperate hedgehog couldn’t fall any further, something happens to make you wonder when the franchise will finally hit rock bottom. This pondering is brought to you by the Angry Birds cameo happening within Sonic Dash. Though, to be more specific, it’s an Angry Birds Epic Sonic Dash cameo. Because more »

I took Serafina’s Crown way too seriously

Serafina’s Crown is a rather typical visual novel game. Important choices must be made, and the protagonist has a chance to find love amidst chaos. Well… so long as the protagonist isn’t being played by me, that is. I got so caught up in the mysterious story of Serafina’s Crown, and in the main task more »

Catlateral Damage Review: Kitty khaos!

Catlateral Damage Price: $9.99 System(s): PC Release Date: May 27, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Fire Hose Games (Chris Chung) ESRB Rating: Not Rated There comes a time in every person’s life when they must put aside complex ponderings and deep, philosophical discussion. Those things may separate us from the animals, but the simple truth is that more »


Ads in Ketchapp’s The Branch will be your undoing

Free-to-play games aren’t uncommon. Those of us with Android and iOS devices are used to seeing an ad pop up every once in a while, in exchange for the opportunity to play a game for free. But sometimes, a game like The Branch has ads that are just plain brutal. They’re the most obtrusive I’ve more »