Pokemon fashion coming to LA this June

Do you live in or near Los Angeles? Are you planning on visiting Los Angeles some time between June 6 and July 5, 2015? Whatever your reason, if you’re there between those dates you definitely have to make a stop at the Japan LA Pop Culture Shop. During this time it will be featuring a more »

This Pikachu Friday the 13th tee is the best

Today is Friday the 13th friends. That enigmatic day where everyone goes crazy over outdated superstitions. Yet others revel in what could almost be considered an additional Halloween. Apparently, Friday the 13th is also the day for ridiculous cross-overs that you never thought you wanted to see. On that note, might I present to you more »


Yetee has geeky, ugly Christmas sweater designs

It’s that time of year. You know, when you start shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater to wear during the seasonal festivities. Because we don’t recoil from hideous apparel anymore. No, we embrace it. Especially since there are now geeky, ugly Christmas sweaters. To be more specific, these are sweatshirts designed to look like ugly more »

There are Flappy Bird stuffed toys and t-shirts

Ugh. That’s actually what I said when I saw the Flappy Bird products in F.Y.E. I just let out a huge groan. Then, there was a spectacular eyeroll when I realized that these products were full priced and not on sale. This is the kind of world we live in now. I’m still stunned. I more »

Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon sent out in celebration

Today is so exciting. I mean, hearing Pokemon X and Y owners are getting the Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon is fantastic on its own, but learning this Pokemon distribution event is happening to celebrate the launch of the online Pokemon Center store is downright incredible. Since I’m chomping at the bit, attempting to decide which more »

Look like you stepped out of Watch Dogs

How much do you love Aiden Pearce’s look in ? So much, that you’d want to replicate it, perhaps? Well, then Ubisoft has you covered. I guess it wants to bring neckerchiefs back, because there’s going to be a clothing bonanza soon. (Though I guess it’s more of a scarf?) Lots of different retailers are, more »

GamerTell’s 2013 Gamer Stuff Gift Guide

Oh. Yeah. The holidays are finally upon us and there will plenty of new games and two new consoles. But in order to truly geek out as a gamer sometimes players would want to recieve some nifty toys, books, clothing and other trinkets to show their love of gaming. To offer some guidance in finding more »

Fans determine Saints Row 4 Collector Edition swag

The Saints Row franchise has always been about its over-the-top, balls to the wall themes and gameplay. Whether it’s dressing up in an animal costumes and hitting pedestrians with a baseball bat on a Tron-esque motorcycle, or skydiving off of a fighter jet to body slam an innocent civilian below, there’s a lot of sadistic more »


Pay what you want for Bastion this week

If you haven’t had a chance to play Bastion yet, now’s your chance to get it for a reasonable price. The Humble Bundle store is celebrating the introduction of it’s Humble Bundle Weekly Sale by selling 2011’s indie hit at any price you want. The third person RPG follows a man who is tasked with more »

Official Bethesda store is open!

By far, the most prized things I take home from E3 are my Bethesda tchochkes. The keychains and stickers make good gifts for my gaming friends, and my Skyrim t-shirt always gets a comment when I walk into a gaming store. I’m often asked where I get my loot, and I often hate to say. I know how disappointing it is to see something you want and hear “Sorry, it’s not for sale anywhere.” At long last, Bethesda has decided to spread the love, and opened up an official Bethesda store, packed with cool stuff stamped with images from their many beloved games.

5 Best geeky Valentine’s Day gifts for 2013

It’s almost Valentine’s Day again, which means you really should have your gift ready. Seriously, you bought it right? Don’t worry if you didn’t as GamerTell has you covered once again with a list of five of the best, recently released items that would make awesome geeky Valentine’s Day gifts for gamers. I’ve come up more »

Ript Apparel wishing you a Happy Holidays from Nuka Cola

Forget about those ugly Christmas sweaters. Today Ript Apparel, one of those limited-edition t-shirt sites, has a festive shirt you’d be proud to be seen wearing at the next holiday party. It is now selling a shirt with a design called Christmas Cola by an artist named GreenHRNET that features the iconic Fallout mascot in more »