BlazBlue: Battle Cards makes fighting a matter of cards

I’ve got some fabulous news for all the BlazBlue fans out there in the world. The franchise is now on iPads thanks to the new game, BlazBlue: Battle Cards! It released on May 14th, 2015, and is currently only available for the iPad 2 or better. Maybe somewhere down the line we’ll see the game move more »

The Ramen Sensei is only an average Kairosoft sim

Anyone who’s had an Android or iOS device for a while knows that Kairosoft is the company to check in with, should you want a simulation game that will eat up an afternoon or two. While not every installment is a Game Dev Story, Mega Mall Story or Dungeon Village, they’re always worth the price more »

This Starry Midnight We Make introduces a new kind of sim

This Starry Midnight We Make , the latest localization project from Carpe Fulgur, isn’t your typical simulation game. When you hear the word simulation, you often think of city sims or transportation sims. This Starry Midnight We Make is a night sky creation sim. Crazy, right? The story of This Starry Midnight We Make follows Hamomoru Tachibana, a more »

It sure looks like Nabbit is in Catch the Rabbit

Looks like we have a situation here. Who wants to start taking bets on how long it will be before Nintendo goes after Ketchapp’s Catch the Rabbit for copyright infringement. Why? Well, it may just be me, but that Rabbit sure looks a lot like the Nabbit from Super Mario Bros. U. Catch the Rabbit more »

The Spatials Review: Approachable sim for hours of fun

The Spatials Price: $12.99 System(s): PC Release Date: March 30, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Weird and Wry (Weird and Wry) ESRB Rating: Everyone I haven’t exactly kept it a secret that I’m not very good at simulations, and yet, I was super excited when The Spatials landed in my lap. Fires burn at lower temperatures in space, so the chances of more »

Important Importables: Let’s visit the Marl Kingdom

One of the greatest shames in gaming is that Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure never got its proper due. The first installment in NIS’ Marl Kingdom series, the premise was poised to be a perfect, campy hit. A young girl with a fairy friend uses an army of dolls she’s magically able to communicate with to more »


Yahtzee with Buddies lets you pay to win

Oh mobile games, leave it to you to ruin any any board game we’ve loved since childhood. If you at ever point in your life ever enjoyed Yahtzee, then you aren’t going to want to see what Scopely did with Yahtzee with Buddies. I’ll give you a hint. You can pay to cheat your way more »


Pottermore keeps Harry Potter relevant

I joined the Harry Potter-centric website Pottermore way back when it first started in 2012. At the time, the book series was long since finished, and the movies were coming to an end. I knew that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction would be opening up, but getting there from the frozen Minnesota tundra more »

Important Importables: Fire Emblem’s Roy is our boy

Now that the Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. Fighters Ballot is open, we’ve begun hearing rumblings over which characters do and don’t deserve to be back in the game. Data has even been mined that allegedly hints at the introduction of Street Fighter‘s Ryu and Fire Emblem‘s Roy to the game. However, the latter character more »

5 Silly Cities Skylines mods you’ll love

It’s really no secret that there are more Cities Skylines mods to choose from than types of building in the regular game. But you know, I am absolutely fine with this. Especially since a lot of the mods for the game reference pop culture, or are just plain silly. While there are many greats, I more »

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels is not all dour

I’ve just recently finished Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels, and there was one moment that needed to be singled out and discussed. That of course, is the one that featured this little gem of a pub in Arcadia, the Rooster and Kitten. To those who might be confused, Arcadia is one of two worlds featured more »

5 Cities Skylines maps to get

Cities Skylines is already pretty famous, not only for being a fantastic city simulator, but for having a great modding community. There are already many mods that make running your city easier, and other mods which lighten up its sometimes serious tone. But there’s another type of download you can get – Cities Skyline maps. more »