Here’s Your January 23, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

There are 32 indie game bundles this week. 32. It’s a huge number, there’s a lot to do and see, so let’s get right to this. You’ll definitely find at least one you’re interested in grabbing, so see which one calls to you. GamerTell’s Best Indie Game Bundle Pick: Humble Card Game Bundle (Windows, Mac, more »

Seasons of the Wolf pretty, but simplistic

Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf is a game right up my alley. It’s a classic RPG combined with a visual novel game. If you like the two, it’s definitely worth taking a look. Because the foundation of the game is a visual novel, the graphics, art style, and writing of the game are more »

Microsoft announces Xbox One streaming to Windows 10

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t take much to get me excited, and this is definitely one of those times. During the Windows 10 briefing, we saw a glimpse of a really neat feature that will soon be available to Windows 10 and Xbox One users. Microsoft has created the ability to stream games from Xbox more »

Microsoft’s HoloLens brings virtual reality to life

There are few things in life that get me as pumped up as the prospect of virtual reality. Needless to say, I had a little freak out watching clips of Microsoft’s HoloLens during today’s Windows 10 briefing. Unlike the Oculus Rift, or Project Morpheus, the HoloLens is a completely separate system. It is its own computer, more »

Picking import games to work with the 3DS region-free mod

All is right with the 3DS world, at the moment. Thanks to a work-around that makes the 2DS and 3DS region-free, people can enjoy games from other regions without really doing anything wrong or resorting to custom firmwares and flash cards. It’s as simple as putting one file on a SD card, popping in a more »

NES Power Glove also popular with musicians

Recently an article has been shared all over the place that talks about Robot Chicken animator Dillon Markey using a modified Nintendo Power Glove as an animation device. Most people have no idea what a Power Glove is in the first place, so here’s the low-down. The Power Glove was a controller created by Nintendo more »

Action figures bring life after death

I know this is a little on the weird side everyone, but that’s exactly why I couldn’t keep it to myself. Look to the right, and you’ll see a Superman action figure with what appears to be a custom head, made to look like a real person. Well, there’s something you don’t know. That “action more »

Here’s Your January 15, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

It’s Friday, which means it’s that time again. We get together and go through all of the indie game bundles that have appeared online this week, in the hopes you can find something good and cheap to play. It shouldn’t be too difficult. This week there are 26 indie game bundles to choose from. GamerTell’s more »

Pokemon Academy Spotlight: Marowak

Pokemon Spotlight is a new feature here at Gamertell where we take a look at various Pokemon and analyze what makes them great. Since pretty much all Pokemon are awesome in some way, save Bidoof and Stantler, we can expect this to be a long running series. This week, I’ll take a look at one more »

New Baldur’s Gate game teased by Beamdog

I can still vividly remember the day I picked up Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn in a thrift store. My dad and I always searched the books, CDs, and computer games for hidden gems. This time he had found one, and handed me the taped up case. I looked over the art on the more »

Google reveals a lot about gaming in 2014

Google recently published an article talking about the most common searches from 2014 on both Google, and YouTube. The author of the article was happy to prove that video games have become a lot more mainstream than maybe people realize. Statistics abound of course, and a lot of information is shared, but there are a few more »

Pokemon Academy Lesson One: Tiers, Rules, Conventions

There are two primary ways to enjoy the Pokemon games. The first and most obvious one is to play through the campaigns of the game. They’re cute, engaging and present enough of a challenge at first to keep most players playing. A basic understanding of the game is all that is needed to enjoy that more »